Baby Zottola’s Nursery So Far

I am finally sharing about the progress we’ve made on baby girl’s nursery! It has been a lot of fun to dream up what her room will look like and imagine snuggling and caring for her in there. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives already and can’t wait to meet her 🙂

Here’s an little inspiration collage I put together.

Baby girl nursery inspiration coral blue aqua and gray

Basically, we want her room to feel cozy and happy. We painted the walls a very light gray, the ceiling is coral, and we might be painting the doors an aqua color.

To get the warm feeling in the room, we’re hoping to have a lot of wood in the furniture, flooring, and decor, and will likely add in some greenery via succulents or plants.

So, here’s what the room looked like before. It was previously our home office. Before we were expecting, I had wanted to paint the room a peachy coral color but never got around to it. When we found out we were having a girl, we decided to stick with the peachy-coral color scheme.

Baby girl nursery before pictures

Nursery before picture

We cleared almost everything out of the room and removed the baseboards, then Jimmy got to work painting. We started out with painting the ceiling the peach color you see in the one photo above, but thought it was too bubblegum pink-ish, so we ended up repainting it a darker, more coral shade that Jimmy picked out.

Jimmy also installed new flooring! We have hardwood floors in our home, but they’re pretty beat and we didn’t feel like resurfacing and staining them (been there, done that), so we bought interlocking vinyl flooring to put on top of the hardwood.

Here’s what the room looks like now!

Baby girl nursery with coral pink and gray Baby girl nursery with coral pink and gray Vinyl core flooring that looks like wood in hickory

So, that’s where we’re at with baby girl’s nursery. Next we need to install new baseboards, paint the doors, pick out a light fixture, and purchase blinds or curtains for the windows. After that we can set up her crib and any other furniture and begin adding in decor and such!

Master Bedroom Overhaul Update IV

It has been quite some time since I last wrote an update about our bedroom overhaul! In January 2017, I started dreaming about decorating our master bedroom. Today, it’s a totally different space that we absolutely love.

Our bedroom started out as a blank canvas with a bed and mismatching nightstands (and one “nightstand” was actually stacked totes, lol) and that was pretty much it. The picture below is the only true “before” picture I have, probably because the rest of the room was just empty, haha.

Red comforter

Of course, I wanted this project to come together in like a week. You know–buy some new bedding, matching night stands, artwork, throw pillows, the works. That just wasn’t in our budget, and I’m actually really glad. I feel like each time I made even a super small update to our room, often months after the last one, I truly cherished and appreciated that update.

It also gave us time to figure out what we liked and only purchase things that we truly loved, instead of just rushing to fill the room and have the project finished. It has taken a long time for everything to come together, and I don’t know that the room will ever truly be finished, if that makes sense.

I once read that if you consider a room “finished” then it’s stagnant and kind of dead. I think I’ll always be switching things up and making changes, and I’m totally okay with that. That’s what keeps the room fresh and beautiful!

White bedroom with blue accents
Small white nightstand Gray curtains

Slowly, I started to add in some decor and new bedding. I thought I wanted white bedding, but I was very, very wrong. Two of our pets have black fur, so that just wasn’t working! Thankfully the white bedding was inexpensive, and I learned it’s just a no-go for us in this season of life!

Over a few more months, I added in some decora bench, and a new comforter. Then Jimmy decided to make a bed for our room and that really brought everything together!

Industrial gallery wall with galvanized mirror, wooden picture ledge, wire basket, and blue and gray accentsGray and blue master bedroom with bench and turquoise and grey throw pillows and hummingbird watercolor printsIndustrial steel bed frameWood and steel bed king sized with shiplap industrial

Jimmy started the bed around Valentine’s Day (what a sweet gift!) and we put it in our room in May. Since then, the room looks like such a different space! The picture below is what our master bedroom looks like now.

Industrial wood and steel bed with shiplap and gray quilt

We are so happy with how the room has turned out (so far!) and can’t wait to see what types of updates we’ll be making in the future 🙂