Growth Restriction

Intrauterine Growth Restriction: My Sister’s Experience Part IV

Hi and welcome to the fourth part of the IUGR series my sister and I have collaborated on. Part I was an intro to my sister and discussed her third baby’s diagnosis with intrauterine growth restriction, Part II was all about the intense end of Hannah’s pregnancy and Titus’ birth, and Part III explained what the hospital stay was like with a small baby and how it impacted Hannah’s family life.

Today, in Part IV, we’re going to talk about Hannah’s experience bringing Titus home from the hospital!

Toddler brother and sister standing by new baby in carseat (more…)


Intrauterine Growth Restriction: My Sister’s Experience Part II

Hi and welcome to Part II of an interview series on intrauterine growth restriction. We left off with Part I, which was an introduction to my awesome little sister, her previous pregnancies, and the official IUGR diagnosis for her third child.

Sisters both pregnant

My sister (on the left) and me, both expecting baby boys!