Arcade Night, The Wright Brother’s National Memorial, and Other Fun

Picking up where I left off in my last post, we are enjoying our time in the Outer Banks! We had another nice weather day on Saturday so my mom, Sadie, and I made it to a new-to-us park while my dad and Jimmy went to day two of the car show.

Toddler at park in Kill Devil Hills, NC

Toddler at park in Kill Devil Hills, NC

I definitely had a wicked sunburn from the day before, so I made sure to wear a long sleeve shirt and lots of sunscreen 😂

In the evening, we enjoyed seafood from one of our favorite oyster bars, Awful Arthur’s! While I miss enjoying fresh raw oysters (#pregnancy), I did have some shrimp, crab, and a few bites of Jimmy’s steak!

Girl standing in front of Awful Arthur's Oyster Bar in Kill Devil Hills, NC

Steamed shrimp from Awful Arthur's Oyster Bar in Kill Devil Hills, NC

We headed to the arcade at the Avalon Fishing Pier in the evening because we had so much fun the last time we visited. It was a lively Saturday night on the pier, with a band performing and the Kentucky Derby on tv.

We all played games and won tickets so Sadie could exchange them for a prize. Honestly, I think the adults had just as much fun as Sadie playing Skee-Ball and other arcade games 😉

Girl playing in arcade on Avalon Fishing Pier in Kill Devil Hills, NC

Toddler playing driving game at arcade in Outer Banks, NC

Sadie danced to the live music, won some prizes with her tickets, and we all had a great time just goofing off and enjoying each other’s company!

Family selfie on Avalon Fishing Pier in Outer Banks, NC

Now it’s Sunday. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

We attended Son Rise Church of Christ this morning and heard a great sermon. All the moms were given a rose, which was so sweet! Sadie enjoyed the kids class and was all smiles when Jimmy and I picked her up.

We all went to the Wright Brother’s National Memorial in the afternoon. I hadn’t been there in a few years, so I was excited to visit again and learn all about the first flight!

Family in front of airplane at Wright Brother's National Memorial

Girl looking at plane at Wright Brother's National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, NC

It was pretty interesting for me to learn about the Wright Brother’s family life. Wilbur and Orville were the third and fourth born children in a family of five. They had a younger sister that helped them a lot, which really stuck out to me.

Obviously this prompted me to pick up a book about Katherine Wright and of course a children’s book for Sader Tot. I have no self control with books 🙈

Books about the Wright Brothers and Katherine Wright

Now it’s evening and we’re expecting my brother’s family to arrive in a couple of hours! We’re going down to the beach soon to check out the waves because it’s super windy today 😬

Did you do anything fun for Mother’s Day?



  1. Ava was really interested in the Wright Brothers a few years ago and I checked out that Katherine Wright book from the library. She was too young for it then but I bet she’d like it now. I’ll have to get it again. What a cool museum. Awful Arthur’s looks really good!

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