Recent eats

Some recent delicious eats:

Hard boiled egg in my vehicle on campus. I promise I wasn’t driving and eating and taking a picture–I’m not that skilled!

Tuna sandwich! Just tuna, mayo, lettuce, and bread. Easy peasy.

A little side salad of spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and raspberry dressing.

Chicken station! I was going to fry chicken for my family’s dinner one night but my mom wanted me to bake it instead, so I did. Boo-hoo. I just dipped the chicken in milk and then in bread crumbs + flour + salt.

This was after I assembled the chicken. I forgot to take a picture after it was baked though. Bummer!

Shrimp! They were frozen and thawing in the sink. I combined them with homemade pesto, gnocchi, and asparagus. Pretty legit. The recipe is pretty simple.

I ❤ gnocchi because they literally cook in 2 minutes! So easy.

This would be homemade pesto in the making. In the food processor: basil, parm, garlic, pine nuts, lemon juice, and olive oil.

Panera Bread! I usually get the fuji apple chicken salad but I heard the Thai chopped chicken salad was pretty spicy so I decided to try it. It IS spicy, but in a good way! I couldn’t taste anything for like an hour after though :p.

Plain old Swiss Miss hot cocoa! Perfect on a chilly night.


What’s the best thing you’ve ate lately?!


My strange food obsession

Thanks for the good luck wishes on my microbiology test… I ended up getting an 88%! Yahooooo!

Okay, how cool is this railing?

My boyfriend made that! As I have said before, he is a welder. He loves it. I love him.


Anyways! School is quite busy. I’m taking tons of notes lately.

My friend in economics was sitting next to me watching me draw fish and hearts for the 50th time so she decided to teach me how to draw dinosaurs. SCORE 🙂



A huge sub/hoagie (what do you call it?!) from the store filled with tomato, lettuce cheese, and deli meat.

Bread + butter at a local Italian restaurant

Pasta soup





Lately I am just in love with mayo. Like if I make tuna salad and use 1/4 cup of tuna… i’ll also mix in 1/4 cup of mayo. Hahaha. Just saying that is like ew, what?! After the 10 mile race on Saturday I was hungry. All day. What sounded good?

Shrimp dipped in mayo

I then proceeded to dip my finger in the mayo bowl and eat it plain haha! What does this say about me? Do I need more fat? (is that why I crave peanut butter and mayo? If so, i’m cool with that because I listen to my body.) Am I weird? Probably. Maybe I just like mayo. Whatever. I’m kind of weird 😉

Feel free to comment say “ewww” or that i’m gross 😉 

Tell me your weird food obsessions!