Panera Bread


Hello and happy Thanksgiving!

The pumpkin pie I baked today. Looks okay-ish... but I'm sure it will taste good!

The pumpkin pie I baked today. Looks okay-ish… but I’m sure it will taste good!

I’m pretty sure I have a low-key holiday in store, with only my immediate family and sister-in-law celebrating together. I’m so happy that I’m staying home with my family because the last time we were all at home together for Thanksgiving was in 2010.

Penn State has been on Thanksgiving break since Monday, and it’s been pretty amazing. Before the break, I made some lofty goals that included finishing up a big project and practicing my senior research presentation. It’s taken me longer than I expected to complete my goals because I’ve been feeling so burnt out on school work! I really needed this break. (more…)


All the good stuff

My life has been full of good stuff lately!sistertime

Spending time with my sister! She snapped this picture while I was shoving corn bread in my mouth at a restaurant… typical.


It’s officially spring! Even though Pittsburgh has 5+ inches of snow on the ground right now, I’m so glad winter weather is slowly coming to an end.


Bible + coffee + journal time every morning. I love reading my Bible first thing in the morning. It really starts my day off on the right foot.


Scarves and cardigans. So comfy. That’s not to say that I’m not ready for tank tops and flip flops though!

juiceJuice. I’m slowly turning into a five-year-old with my juice box consumption. I think I embarrassed Jimmy when we went out to Panera Bread and I was sipping on a box of apple juice. That’s okay, no one there knew I’m turning 21 in June.


This book. I struggle with guilt over everything and anything all the time. This book was recommended to me, and I have been loving it.

Tell me about the good stuff in your life!