New Orders, New Drink, New Dress

All the new stuff over here today! Since arriving home from vacation, my Etsy shop is picking back up and I’m almost at 500 orders. Woo hoo!

Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies by Braid Bakery Etsy Shop

A customer ordered the gluten free chocolate cookies, which are a favorite of mine. They don’t *look* like anything special, but they’re amazing if you’re a chocolate lover like me 😊

The gluten free fudge brownies have also been really popular lately, and I totally understand why. They’re pretty tasty if I do say so myself!

Have you heard about the new Starbucks drink? It’s called the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew. I heard people were raving about it so I had to try it. You know, just to make sure it really was good 😉

Starbucks Chocolate Cream Cold Brew

The verdict? 10/10 would recommend! It’s fantastic. The chocolate cold foam is so creamy and has just the right about of sweetness mixed with chocolate. The actual cold brew coffee is super smooth, too. I totally get the hype for this drink!

The last new thing I have to share is a dress. I got it from a thrift store when I last hung out with my sister. I was so surprised and delighted to find a maternity dress for like $4 in my size!

Mom and toddler daughter holding hands

Other updates:

  • Sadie is doing well since her UTI! She has a few more days of the antibiotic and then it will all be in the past.
  • I’m still catching up on life since vacation. It feels good to be home, but it also felt good to not do laundry for a week 😂
  • I just finished this book that I picked up at the Wright Brother’s National Memorial and it was excellent. It reminded me of Helen Keller’s memoir in that it was full of inspiring and enlightening information about a public figure I didn’t know a lot about.
  • Sadie and I finished up her last Horizons Preschool For 3s lesson today! So proud of my girl. We are going to go through Abeka Preschool For 3s over the summer for fun and then start Sonlight Pre-Kindergarten in the fall.
  • Sadie is currently in the life stage of dropping a daily nap, but also not being ready to drop it. She doesn’t want to nap in the day, but then she falls asleep at the dinner table! It’s cute, but also hard because she wakes up cranky and stays up late 😆
  • It’s the time of year when I start amping up my sunscreen usage! Do you have a favorite brand of sunscreen? I’m a big fan of this.

What’s new in your life?

Have you read any good books lately?



  1. I love that dress – and 4 bucks is amazing!! I’m glad Sadie is doing better, and I’m also very proud of her with her pre-school work!!
    I would love to read the Wright Sister book at some point 🤣. I’m also still trying to catch up at home. It’s crazy how things build up when you’re away.
    Hmmm- I seem to remember a little girl that would fall asleep at the kitchen table before dinner ~ curled up in a little ball in the chair (somehow you managed to not fall).
    Not much is new in my life- just VERY BLESSED.

    1. Thank you! I love it, too! I don’t have very many blue dresses or maternity dresses, so this was a win 😊

      I will lend you the Wright Sister book today! It was excellent and I think you will love it because it has a lot of pictures throughout!

      TRUTH about everything building up while being away. How does that happen!!!

      I can totally remember falling asleep at the dinner table, lol. I wonder if I woke up cranky?!

  2. Oh boy chocolate cream?? Now that I think about it, I’m surprised Starbucks is making a chocolate coffee drink only now… Unless I missed something 😂

  3. What a great find with that dress! It looks fantastic on you. Such a good color and a great deal! As for sunscreen – I am loving Supergoop! Their Unseen Sunscreen is my absolute favorite for daily use on faces. I don’t like the feeling of sunscreen on my hands and this stuff just melts away. It’s amazing. And their spray version is fantastic for body coverage! We used it at the beach and I loved it!

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