Seeing Double, New Shoes, and A Spring Day

Niva had a husky friend over this week! We took the girls on a walk together and I was seeing double.

Guy walking two Siberian huskies

Jimmy and I couldn’t believe how much power Niva and Runah had when they were pulling on the leash coupler together. Imagining 12-16 of them hooked up to pull and run together totally makes sense for the 1925 Serum Run in Alaska.

The purpose of each breed of dog is fascinating to me. It’s really neat to see them fully in their element and doing what they were bred to do. If you have a dog, do you see a lot of its breed characteristics shine through?

Moving on from dogs to… shoes. Classic πŸ˜‚ My mom, Sadie, and I met up at a local shopping outlet last week and Sadie scored a new pair of shoes!

My Vans-loving heart almost burst when Sadie picked out her first pair of pink checkered Vans. Now I want to get a pair to match her πŸ˜‰

Kids Vans Shoes

On the topic of shoes, are you a shoes person? I don’t care too much about shoes/clothes/purses/jewelry/etc. buuuut books? Yes. I am a book person and love my little eclectic collection 😬

We had a really lovely spring day (warm + sunny!) here in Pittsburgh on Saturday and we made it even better by spending it with my sister’s family! They recently moved, so we spent the day hanging out at their new house with the kids and dogs.

Sisters with golden retrieverSiberian husky and golden retriever sitting together

Niva only escaped once for a joy run around the neighborhood so I’ll take that as a win 😜

I was thinking about how we will have five kids between our two families by November instead of three. So much fun and so much craziness!

Cousins sitting togetherToddler girls hanging out by bench

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the tie breaker baby for my sister’s family is a boy! I think they are naming him Titus. Can’t wait to meet him in September πŸ₯°

And with that, I’m off! We just had Sunday morning church service and will be working around the house until we head back to church this evening!

Hope you have a great day 😊



  1. Alright, want to see you sporting those β€œpint” vans at the beach!
    The pic of the three cousins is adorable!
    Love πŸ’• You

  2. For just a brief moment when I read “seeing double” I thought it meant TWINS! Haha! Well, I guess it did… but just dog twins and not baby twins. πŸ˜‰

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