Pregnancy Diary March 16th: Morning Sickness

March 16th, 2022

Ha. Ha. HA. Excuse me while I laugh at myself for my last pregnancy post when I said I would “welcome morning sickness.” WHAT WAS I THINKING? I forgot how awful it feels. Oh my word. This is good though!

Girl drinking ginger ale for morning sickness

Feeling as awful as I look 😂

I can’t stand the smell of my face wash, conditioner, Jimmy’s body wash, coffee, and everything else in the world that has any sort of smell. I can’t drink coffee. I can’t eat fruit. Everything is disgusting. I’m so tired, too. Ready for an example of how pathetic I am?

The other day I put Sadie down for a nap at 1:30 and went straight to the couch. I fell asleep until 2:00 pm and woke up because Niva wanted to go outside. I let her out, ate a spoonful of peanut butter (which sadly tasted gross), and then fell back asleep until 3:00 pm, when I woke up to Sadie crying for me to get her.

Like I said, pathetic. I just don’t feel like myself, and that’s the hardest thing. I feel like I’m in a fog of yucky, tired, sickness with no motivation. But I know it will go away and I will feel like myself again.

Dramamine Ginger Chews for nausea

Things I have tried for morning sickness:
-Ginger chews
-Preggie Pop Drops
-Ginger ale
-Unisom and B6
-Peppermint tea
-Saltine crackers, pretzels, and tortilla chips
-Sparkling water

All of the above remedies will help, then they are disgusting and I never want to see them again. Unisom and B6 knocked me out. I feel like the theory for that is that you can’t feel nauseous if you’re unconscious, lol. Saltine crackers and sleeping are the only things that seem to really help at the moment.

It’s now late April as I go to post this diary entry and I have to say, that was pretty awful! I didn’t even finish the post 😆

I’m pretty sure I was also sick with the flu at the same time, so that might explain why everything felt extra hard, icky, and just blah! I’m happy to report that I’m almost through the first trimester and the morning sickness is slowly getting better 😊

Also of note at this point in the pregnancy was that we told Jimmy’s family! His dad found out by accident because he saw the seabands I wore for morning sickness sitting around and asked what they were 😂

We told Jimmy’s mom, stepdad, and stepsister one night when they came over and they were so excited! Jimmy told his brother at work and I told his sister in person. Such happy times and memories!



  1. I hope you’re feeling a bit better with morning sickness!
    You know it’s all worth it- but still doesn’t take away from the horribleness of feeling like crap!
    Love you

  2. Glad that the morning sickness is starting to get better. And yay for almost being through the first trimester — I’ve heard that one’s often the hardest? Hopefully the sickness will settle down and you can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy without feeling nauseous!

    1. ME TOO! I definitely think the first trimester is the hardest, which is so weird because you don’t look pregnant at all… but you definitely feel it haha!!

  3. 1st trimester pregnancy nausea is the WORST! I’m so glad that you’re starting to feel a little better. I love the burst of energy that comes with the 2nd trimester… and then the 3rd trimester gets a little rough again, I feel. 😉 BUT it’s all worth it in the end!!!
    Give yourself grace during this time and don’t feel like you need to do ALL the things or be on top of everything. You know how much I love to talk about phases of life. 🙂 There will be plenty of time for a clean house or neatly organized schedule in the future. Right now, take care of you and your family as best as you can and get as much as rest as you can too! 🙂

    1. It really is so awful!! I am READY for that energy burst, lol! Like you said, it’s all worth it in the end ❤️

      You said exactly what I needed to hear about not feeling like I need to do it all and be on top of everything, so thank you. So much!

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