Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy Diary May 1st & 5th, 2022: The 12 Week Ultrasound

May 1st, 2022

I had my first trimester screening last week! It includes an ultrasound and bloodwork and looks for any abnormalities with the pregnancy. While finding something abnormal wouldn’t change a thing for us with the pregnancy, we figure the more info we have, the better! Plus, I’d never pass up a chance to check up on the baby.

12 week ultrasound

The baby really looked like a baby! I was able to bring Jimmy along to this appointment (thank you to my mom for watching Sadie ❤️) and it was amazing to see our baby moving and its little heart beating. (more…)


Pregnancy Diary March 16th: Morning Sickness

March 16th, 2022

Ha. Ha. HA. Excuse me while I laugh at myself for my last pregnancy post when I said I would “welcome morning sickness.” WHAT WAS I THINKING? I forgot how awful it feels. Oh my word. This is good though!

Girl drinking ginger ale for morning sickness

Feeling as awful as I look 😂

I can’t stand the smell of my face wash, conditioner, Jimmy’s body wash, coffee, and everything else in the world that has any sort of smell. I can’t drink coffee. I can’t eat fruit. Everything is disgusting. I’m so tired, too. Ready for an example of how pathetic I am? (more…)