Pregnancy Diary May 1st & 5th, 2022: The 12 Week Ultrasound

May 1st, 2022

I had my first trimester screening last week! It includes an ultrasound and bloodwork and looks for any abnormalities with the pregnancy. While finding something abnormal wouldn’t change a thing for us with the pregnancy, we figure the more info we have, the better! Plus, I’d never pass up a chance to check up on the baby.

12 week ultrasound

The baby really looked like a baby! I was able to bring Jimmy along to this appointment (thank you to my mom for watching Sadie ❤️) and it was amazing to see our baby moving and its little heart beating.

The bloodwork was easy, but I ended up having a fever afterwards. It was nothing a little bit of Tylenol couldn’t fix, though! Everything looked great on the ultrasound, and the bloodwork came back normal. Giving so much thanks to the Lord for a healthy pregnancy thus far!

My morning sickness seems to be slowly abating. With Sadie, it lasted until about 17 weeks, so I’m definitely getting there! The hardest thing for me right now is fatigue and feeling faint.

I’ve passed out once so far and it was the weirdest thing. I started feeling funny and told Jimmy “I feel pass-y out-y” and then promptly passed out in his arms for about 15 seconds. I had like six dreams while I was out and then woke up having no clue where I was or what happened. I recovered quickly and we’re hoping it was a one time thing!

Fatigue is rough. Every afternoon I crave a nap… and Sadie has decided to drop her daily nap lately. So that’s fun 😆 Sometimes I’ll put the tv on for her and I try to just rest on the couch for a bit. I often feel guilty that I’m not at my best for her: I’m feeling icky and tired a lot. Sometimes I’m emotional or impatient. But she loves me anyways. She’s the best.

Family at Wright Brothers National Memorial in Outer Banks

I know that our days of just the two of us are numbered, so we have been having as much one-on-one time as possible. Starbucks dates, walks, window shopping, etc. have been happening and I cherish every moment. I know we will have fun with the new baby, but it will be a big adjustment to have a new little one in the mix!

May 5th, 2022

I had my second prenatal appointment this week! It was on the day I turned 13 weeks. It’s so weird to think that I’m in the second trimester now. Jimmy came with me to the appointment and it was the first time that he had been to the birth center since 2018.

The appointment went well and we heard the baby’s heartbeat nice and steady at 140 BPM. I go back later this month when I’m 17 weeks. I was also able to schedule the anatomy scan for the end of June!

We’re in the Outer Banks for a week and it’s weird to think that last time I was here, I found out I was pregnant! This time, I won’t be enjoying raw oysters, ahi tuna, or hot tub time, but I’m loving knowing that baby is along for our vacation and is already on his/her second visit to the Outer Banks 🥰

Girl standing in front of Awful Arthur's Oyster Bar in Kill Devil Hills, NC

With that, I’m signing off until next time! I’m thinking it will be after my next appointment or the anatomy scan. Or if I have random thoughts to share 😜

Thanks for reading and following along!



  1. Look at your bump!! Oh, how precious! And look at that sweet little baby profile in the ultrasound. I love this post! I really hope the nausea and fatigue will pass soon now that you are in the second trimester!

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