Parenting a Toddler Is…

Parenting a toddler is equal parts challenging and amazing. Every day is filled with wonder, tears, smiles, hugs, discipline, and crumbs. So many crumbs!

Mom and dad with toddler selfie

Parenting a toddler is…

Reading the same book 800 times.

Being somebody’s everything.

Putting down the one thing you’ve been wanting to do all day to change a diaper/peel a banana/wipe away tears/pretend to be a cat.

Having your heart walk around outside your body.

Early mornings and late nights.

Toddler girl resting on top of couch cushions

Belly laughs over the most random things.

Appreciating your spouse more than words can describe.

Not wanting to discipline them but knowing you need to and doing it anyways.

Wondering how you got yourself into this and also wanting to do it all over again.

Singing made up songs.

Dad and toddler laying on couch together

Watching a small person come into their own and develop a distinct personality.

Running after your child when they sprint away from you at an alarmingly fast pace.

Not being able to imagine your life without your child.

A 45 minute bedtime routine every. single. night.

Learning to ask for and accept help.

Getting the very best hugs.

Mom and toddler hugging in hot tub

Answering random questions like: what does a hedgehog look like?

Desperately wanting to get away and then missing your child the second you do get a moment alone.

Wondering how your parents did this multiple times.

Wondering how other parents have done this multiple times.

Not wanting to share your cookie/ice cream/etc. but doing it anyways because they want a bite.

Mom holding hands with toddler

Losing your cool and saying sorry to your child.

Watching your child sleep just because you love them and want to see them.

Developing superhuman patience.

Feeling like a shower at the end of a long day is a beach vacation.

Explaining to your child that they can’t wear a tank top when it’s 30 degrees out.

Explaining to your child that they can’t wear wool tights when it’s 80 degrees out.

Family photo of mom and dad with toddler

Smiling at how they pronounce words.

Cracking up at the words they make up.

Avoiding the toy section at the store at all costs.

Expectations and reality never ever matching up but loving it all anyways.

Being suspicious of quiet.

Enjoying their excitement at seeing you in the morning.

Mom and daughter at park

Letting them help you do things even though it’s harder and takes longer.

Having a dirty car.

Having a messy house.

Crumbs. Everywhere. All the time.

Taking twice as long to do everything.

Seeing the world through their eyes.

Mom and daughter waring matching pink dresses

Wanting to give them the whole world but knowing they just need you and God.

A great privilege, responsibility and blessing all wrapped into one beautiful package.

Praying they will grow up to love God and doing everything you can to help them develop that relationship.

New adventures.

A love like none other.



  1. Well ~ crying again. That was one of the most beautiful posts you have ever written. So much thought and love 💕. Sadie is such a special girl, and she reminds me so much of you!

  2. Your joy of mothering overflows from your writing to your readers. What a high privilege parenting is. Nice that both you and your husband are so invested. The best thing mums and dads can give to the next generation is a strong and healthy marriage.

    1. Thank you so, so much! Your comment made my day! I fully agree about moms and dads giving the next generation a strong and healthy marriage. It’s a foundational thing that makes all the difference!

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