Currently: June 2022

Welcome to June! Summer begins and Jimmy and I celebrate our wedding anniversary this month. Other fun things coming up include a birthday party for my nieces, church activities, a baby shower for my cousin, and hopefully lots of outdoor time for our family 😊

Husband and wife selfie in car

Current books Working my way through two memoirs: Tough by Terry Crews and Perseverance by Marie Bartoletti. I have a few to-read lists (fiction, non-fiction, etc.) and they are ridiculously long 😂

Current drink I gifted Jimmy Starbucks Odyssey Blend coffee beans for his birthday and we have been enjoying them (ground and brewed, lol) each morning!

Current joy Summer! Or late spring, technically. We had family over (mine and Jimmy’s) for Memorial Day and had such a nice time playing outside, grilling, and watching fireworks. Turns out Sadie is *into* fireworks. She doesn’t get it from me because I was terrified of them as a child, lol.

Family watching fireworks

My dad snapped a picture of us watching fireworks ❤️

Current baked good I’ve been doing so much baking lately! Regular Etsy orders + custom orders have me busy in the kitchen and I am enjoying it. I’m catering a college graduation party with my gluten free brownies and also providing cupcakes and a few other GF treats for my nieces’ birthday party.

Current blessing Help with Sadie. Being pregnant while having a young child can be very logistically challenging! I had to have an early glucose test along with extra bloodwork for anemia this week and of course I couldn’t bring Sadie to hang out at the lab while I did that, so our neighbors graciously watched her while I chugged the lovely orange glucose drink and had lots of blood drawn. Feeling very blessed to have such amazing people in our lives!

Current food Pretzel bites! Jimmy and I got a make-up date night on his birthday! We were supposed to go out to eat–just us two–during our last night of vacation, but poor Sadie girl got sick. We had our date night redemption and enjoyed a pretzel appetizer and an awesome dinner together ❤️

Pretzel bites from Walnut Grill

Current fun Getting outside as much as possible! Going to parks, grilling, eating, playing in the yard, reading on the porch swing, and anything else that can be done outside. Love every moment of it.

Current cuteness Sadie’s excitement at swim lessons. She would stop what she was doing every few minutes to give me a thumbs up during the lesson and it was adorable. I got in the water with her afterwards and had a blast playing.

I used to swim competitively, was a lifeguard, and taught swim lessons… but took my own child to swim lessons with another professional. I just feel like she would learn better from another adult, if that makes sense?! All this swimming lately has me watching to get re-certified to lifeguard and teach 😬

Mom and daughter at indoor pool

Current excitement My mom, Sadie, and I are going on a roadtrip to New York this month! We’re going to my cousin’s baby shower and I’m excited. Not so much for the long drive, but the journey with two of my favorite girls + celebrating my cousin!

Current maternity product Maternity activewear shorts! The waistband on all of my regular shorts was digging into my stomach and I was in desperate need of shorts I could wear to the park with Sadie or going on family walks. Enter these comfy shorts. I’m the proud owner of two pairs and need to buy about five more 😆

Current laugh My sister found and old picture that she took of Jimmy in 2011 (I blogged about it!) and I can’t stop laughing because I remember the day so well. She was having a birthday party for her hamster and took pictures with everyone holding him and even made him a sweater from a sock. Jimmy, dutiful/amazing boyfriend that he was, took a picture with Chester like a champ 😂

Guy holding hamster

Current goal Preparing a nursery for baby boy! We organized and cleaned our basement over the weekend and I think tackling his future bedroom will be our next family project.

Current craving A nap! Also, pulled pork. These are my pregnancy cravings hahah.

Current need A haircut. I think it has been years since I last had a professional cut my hair. What am I doing with my life?! Also, we need to think of a name for our son. We are stumped!

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Tell me what’s current in your life!



  1. Swim lessons! I’m not surprised she loves them! It’s in her genes! I still remember when you used to blog about swimming way (way way way) back in the day!

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