Currently: June 2017

Current obsession Filming vlogs! It’s just so much fun to have video footage of special memories and daily life. I have another one up from yesterday. I visited the hospital and showed our garden.

Current book Women of the Bible by Ann Spangler and Jean E. Syswerda. I just finished up learning about Gomer, Hosea’s wife, and now I’m onto Elizabeth!

Current beauty product Coppertone SPF 50 Clearly Sheer Whipped Sunscreen. This stuff is amazing. I love the way it feels, and it goes on great. Sorry, I’m a tad bit obsessed with sunscreen. I used Sun Bum on our honeymoon, and was loving Supergoop last month. I think my favorite sunscreen is a tie between Sun Bum and Coppertone Whipped. Okay, I’ll stop going on. Maybe I’ll discuss sunscreen in depth in another post, if anyone is interested 😉

Coppertone Clearly Sheer Whipped Sunscreen SPF 50

Current craving Spending time with my friend, Kim. We are hanging out soon, and I’m so pumped!

Current drink Coffee from Cafe du Monde! My mother-in-law went to New Orleans and brought me back some since she knows NOLA is one of my dream travel destinations. I’m super tempted to buy beignet mix off of Amazon to have the complete Cafe du Monde experience.

Current indulgence Bringing Malcolm outside while Jimmy and I eat dinner on our back porch!

Current food Sushi! I had been craving it for a few weeks, but hadn’t had a chance to get some. I was at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh yesterday, and grabbed lunch in the cafe. I found some sushi and it hit. the. spot.

Brown rice sushi with avocado and tuna

Current need A haircut. It has been a few months since I last had it trimmed, and my hair is starting to feel downright straggly. I’m hoping to have it trimmed before my sister’s wedding on the 10th. I better get on that, now that I think about it!

Current blessing Memorial Day weekend. We had such a nice time celebrating Jimmy’s birthday, planting our garden, and spending time with family.

Current confession I fell asleep while working at my desk last week, and I slept so hard that my ear imprinted on my arm, LOL.

Ear imprint on arm

Current excitement We planted our garden! More on this in another post.

Current procrastination Mopping our floors. I just don’t feel like doing it, but totally need to since we’ve been out in the garden and then track dirt, grass, and mud into the house!

Current mood Content. God is good 🙂



  1. The ear imprint is my favorite thing ever! HA! I love it! My skin imprints really easily so Christopher is always amused when there’s an imprint of his skin or wedding band on my hand or leg just from us holding hands or him resting a hand on my leg. I’m surprised I haven’t woken up with an ear imprint on my arm before. That’s just awesome!

    Also, sushi really does hit the spot! It has been one of the few things that have sounded good to me throughout this whole pregnancy. I thought I would miss the raw stuff more, but I’ve been really pleased with my spicy shrimp avocado rolls in place of my normal spicy tuna rolls. Yum!

    I’m watching your vlog right now and you should know that Oreo was very distressed when he heard Lola barking when you first got home, haha! And I’ve never heard of cat grass, but wow does Malcolm seem to love it! And finally, your garden is looking awesome!

    1. The ear imprint was so silly! I showed the picture to Jimmy and he was like “You need to blog that!!” And thought it was hilarious! So I did :). I’m glad I’m not the only one who has easily imprintable skin!

      Yay for being able to have sushi while pregnant and enjoying it! That’s so awesome!

      Aww, Oreo is such a sweetie for being concerned for Lola!! And that cat grass? It’s now gone! Malcolm ate it all before it could grow back, LOL.

  2. Thanks for the sun screen recommendation. I haven’t had a haircut in a solid 6 months. I wear my hair up everyday…so I forget about it =P

  3. I have never before seen an ear imprint on someone’s skin before, and I think that is just the best – most hilarious – thing ever. LOL!!! 🙂
    And I’ve been getting into sunscreen a lot myself now that I have kiddo’s. I definitely want to keep them safe from the sun. 🙂

    1. Hahah that ear imprint was something else!! Jimmy thought it was he funniest thing ever, too! He was like “You need to post that on your blog!!”

      Yay for sunscreen!! You’re an awesome mom for already instilling that into your kiddos!

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