Baking For Hannah’s Wedding Vlog

Hello and happy Sunday! I hope everyone has a lovely day today. Jimmy and I will be going to church, and then a car show!

I just wanted to pop in and share a vlog I filmed yesterday. I’m having way too much fun with these vlogs, haha.

Anyways, I baked for Hannah’s wedding, showed my burnt flip flops, and talked about an expensive haircut. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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What are you up to today?!



  1. Nice job Allie! I’m sure mom will understand the flip flops and do t be afraid to “splurge” on yourself once in awhile, you deserve it!!

  2. Firstly- I’m glad you splurged on a haircut!! You totally deserve it~ you’d prob faint if you knew what I spend on my hair in a year 😳
    Secondly – I don’t remember the flip flops 😂 Story of my life! I’m sure whenever we purchased them- they have more!!
    Thirdly – thank you so much for making cookies for Han’s wedding!! They look delish.
    Love you!!
    Ps – Dogs do not have wrists 🤣

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