My Top 5 Dream U.S. Travel Destinations

Traveling is something I think about a lot. I want to visit so many places to explore and experience new things. I thoroughly enjoy pinning pictures of my dream travel destinations on Pinterest. It’s slightly addicting! I was looking at my Pinterest travel board and it made me want to write a post on my top five dream travel destinations in the United States. So, in descending order, here are my top five!

1. Seattle, Washington


The Space Needle, Mount Rainier, Pike Place Market, Lake Union, house boats, Puget Sound, underground tours, and all the coffee. Everything about Seattle is captivating to me and I want to visit so badly! I’ve read a few books that have brought Seattle alive for me, including Morning Glory by Sarah Jio and pretty much anything by Debbie Macomber. I recently posted in a survey about how I’m afraid of flying, and Kylie commented that I’d have to fly somewhere that’s really worth it to get over my fear. I definitely think Seattle it that place for me.

2. Savannah, Georgia


Once again, a book made a city come alive for me. I read Paula Deen’s book a few years back and instantly wanted to visit Savannah. It seems like such a quaint, old-fashioned city. The historic districts, Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens, and Forsyth Park are especially interesting to me. Of course I want to visit The Lady and Sons for some good Southern cooking, too.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana


To me, New Orleans seems vibrant and alive. The culture there is so strong. The first time I wanted to visit NOLA was when I saw The Princess and the Frog. Yes, an animated Disney movie sparked my interest. My dream visit to New Orleans would include walking around the French Quarter, eating Beignets and drinking coffee at Cafe Du Monde, walking inside a shotgun house, hearing someone speak the local dialect, and listening to some live jazz music on the streets.

4. Phoenix, Arizona


The landscape and weather in Phoenix is so incredibly different from where I live that I’m just dying to experience it. I hear the sunsets are stunning, and that the intense heat is a dry heat. That’s an interesting concept for this Pittsburgh gal, who knows high humidity all too well. I want to try authentic Mexican food, go hiking on Camelback Mountain, and stare at all of the gorgeous flora and fauna.

5. Sanibel, Florida


Sanibel is a city on an Island. How cool is that? I’ve read it is one of the best seashell beaches in the world. Sanibel is appealing to me because it has a secluded air about it, abundant natural beauty, and plenty of interesting wildlife. I’d love to go shelling, visit the local wildlife refuge, and check out the unique-looking lighthouse.

Honorable mentions include anywhere in Hawaii, Maine, and Alaska. Also, Charleston, South Carolina and Key West, Florida. Places I’ve been to and want to visit again include Dallas, Washington D.C., Niagara Falls, and Marco Island, Florida.

What are your top five dream travel destinations?



  1. I LOVE PHOENIX! One of my favorite places in the country for sure! I am actually considering moving there for grad school! Also, Savannah is awesome. So much cool history there! All the other places I haven’t been to but would love to visit as well! 🙂

  2. And Memphis, of course. I know you want to come here. 😉

    Seriously though, these places are amazing! I especially love NOLA! If you ever find yourself there, let me know! It’s a short drive for us and we love to visit! We’d totally meet up with you guys there. 🙂

    1. I never think to plan out a real road trip like that! I always think of point A being my home and point B being the destination, instead of having point A, B, C, and D! Nashville to Charleston sounds glorious to me!

  3. Seattle is so awesome – go in August when it’s not raining! 🙂 Phoenix is cool too; there’s a ton of great hiking there. Savannah… it’s like a day trip. There are a couple of pretty streets, but it’s kind of ghetto too… haha! LA is on my list too. Beignets!

    1. Thanks for the Seattle advice! I have always wondered what month is the best month to visit!! And ah, Phoenix! I want to see some huge cacti and hike and look out over the land. Thanks for the advice on Savannah, too! I would definitely keep the trip short then! Let go to LA together? Beignets and coffee?

  4. Reading this post gave me the travel bug again… 😉 SUCH fun places to explore someday, for sure! You would LOVE Hawaii, I have no doubt!! And as you already know, I’m in love with the rugged beauty of coastal Maine, so I know you’d love it there too. 🙂
    I think it’s fun to see places that are so different than what you’re used to. When Nate and I flew out to Nevada for one of his awards, I was in awe of the desert. I wouldn’t want to necessarily live there, but it is so incredibly fun to visit!!

    1. The travel bug is the only bug I hope we get this year!! I absolutely adored reading about your trip to Hawaii!! Maine sounds so gorgeous, too! I totally agree with you on checking out places that are different. I don’t think I’d want to live in the desert either (no seasons!… though ask me again in February…), but it would be amazing to see in person 🙂

  5. Sanibel looks so pretty! And who doesn’t love Seattle haha. It’s been more than 10 years since my last visit there 😮 !

    1. Doesn’t it?! I just want to go and collect some of those amazing shells and soak up the sun! At least you’ve been to Seattle, right?! Are you close enough to drive there?

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