Our Honeymoon

While I won’t be receiving any wedding pictures from our photographer until later this month, I realized that I can share some honeymoon pictures and info!

Jimmy said we should take a picture showing off our rings, haha.

Jimmy said we should take a picture showing off our rings, haha.

We honeymooned in Kill Devil Hills, NC, which is in the Outer Banks. We left for our honeymoon right after our reception and drove to Virginia to stay the night at a hotel, then we got up the next day and drove a few more hours the Outer Banks.

The coolest thing happened while we were driving from our reception to Virginia. It was pretty late, probably 12 A.M. We were talking and driving and then bam! We saw the honey moon! The moon looked so close to the horizon and it was huge. It was definitely the color of honey, too.

I had no idea that the honey moon was occurring until Jimmy remembered when he saw it. We were both just staring the moon for like an hour. I can’t tell you how many times we said “I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life!” haha.

Apparently the honey moon is only seen once every 100 years, so it won’t be seen again until June 2098 (whoa…). Needless to say, it was neat to see the honey moon on the way to our honeymoon! You can find more info about it here and here.


We rented a cottage that was a three minute walk from the beach, and we pretty much just relaxed all week. It felt so good to have absolutely nothing to do after the crazy busy weeks leading up to the wedding.

Honeymoon 2

Touristy things we did:
-Climbed the Currituck Beach Lighthouse
-Visited Jockey’s Ridge State Park (it has massive sand dunes!)
-Went to the beach and collected a seashells
-Visited the Avalon and Jeanette’s Fishing Pier
-Walked the boardwalk in Duck, NC

Some pictures…

Honeymoon 3 Honeymoon 4Honeymoon 6Honeymoon 7

Jimmy said that his favorite thing to do was visit Jockey’s Ridge State Park to climb the sand dunes. My favorite part was relaxing by the pool and doing everyday-type things like drinking coffee in the morning and getting ready together.

Yeah, I'm one of those people who wears SPF 70 while in the shade...

Yeah, I’m one of those people who wears SPF 70 while in the shade. Also: Sun Bum is definitely my favorite sunblock ever. It smells amazing and I didn’t get burnt at all!

Honeymoon 9

Jockey’s Ridge State Park!

Well, this post feels incredibly disorganized and random, haha. I have more pictures and thoughts to share, so I’ll break this up into two posts (I always promised myself I’d never do that… oh well!), and hopefully the next one will be more organized ;-).

Where is your favorite place to vacation?



  1. It sounds like you had a great time! πŸ™‚ How amazing that you got to see that beautiful moon!

    Re: the question at the end of your post. Hmm, I guess my favourite place that I’ve visited so far is Greece. I haven’t been there since I was much younger but I have really happy memories of vacations there.

    1. We really did have such a nice, relaxing time. I couldn’t believe we saw the honey moon. It was beautiful and such a gift from God!

      Greece sounds amazing! I would love to go to Europe in general one day!

  2. We love cruise vacations and typically that’s what we do, although I’m debating going to the Yelp Spring Break next year instead of a cruise. We’ve never done the rent a house or cottage type thing, mainly because we like to eat out at restaurants and stuff a lot. It looks like you guys had a great time though and so neat that the honey moon was on your honeymoon. I’ve never seen a moon that looked like that before, either.

    I love all the shells you found! I’ve never seen that many whole shells on the beaches around here!

    1. Ooo, what is the Yelp Spring Break? That sounds like fun! I love cruises so much, too. Renting a house or cottage still allows you to eat out, but it’s definitely not free like on a cruise!

      We were so happy and excited about seeing the honey moon on our honeymoon. It was so special!

    1. The honey moon sighting really was perfection. It was seriously so amazing! Thank you! We did have such an awesome time and I want to go back and relive it right now haha.

    1. Aww, thank you so much!! Our honeymoon was definitely a fairy tale and I want to relive it right now!! Married life is so, so amazing and I truly love it! It’s such an amazing gift from God <333.

  3. What?! I have never even heard of the “honey moon” but it’s GORGEOUS! And SO cool that you guys got to see it on… you know… your HONEYMOON! I love it! Also, I love your rings. So pretty! I’m excited to see more photos when you get them up. Glad you guys had fun! πŸ™‚

    1. I hadn’t head of the “honey moon” either! I agree… it’s so beautiful! It was definitly such a wonderful honeymoon gift from God, haha. He = so good! Thank you for the compliments on our rings! I can’t believe I have two now… so weird, but a good weird, haha. I can’t wait to post more photos!

  4. How cool is the honey moon on your honeymoon?! Crazy. I’ve never been to North Carolina before. It looks really nice from your pictures! Congrats to you two ❀ πŸ™‚

    1. It was so cool, Leigha! Can’t even explain!! We were so amazed, haha. I bet you would love NC… it’s nice and flat.. good for running ;). Thanks for the congrats! I hope your new home is going well!

    1. Aww, thank you Brittany!! We were pretty adventurous! I think you would have liked visiting the sand dunes… imagine hiking on huge hills made of only sand! It was amazing!

  5. This post was so fun!! And honestly, your honeymoon sounds absolutely amazing!!!! There is nothing better than just chillaxin’ after the craziness (and fun) of wedding plans are over. (And how special is it that you saw the honey moon on the way to your honeymoon!?! It’s as though God was sending you a special wedding present to share). πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Nicole! Our honeymoon truly was just so, so amazing! We loved just relaxing and were so surprised by seeing the honey moon!! Definitely a special gift from God :).

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