Currently: June 2020

It’s June! Definitely one of my favorite months. From the weather to gardening, to celebrating mine and Jimmy’s wedding anniversary, it’s just a wonderful time of year. Here’s what’s currently going on in my life this month, with a few affiliate links included!


Current books Just finished A Midwife’s Story by Penny Armstrong and now I’m onto this memoir and enjoying it a whole bunch.

Current joy I harvested arugula and micro greens from our garden on May 31st and planted a jalapeño plant in a pot. Hoping to preserve jalapeños again this summer.

Current blessing Church family that’s also family. My cousin-in-law Katie (who is a mom of five!) answered my endless questions about child discipline the other day and is always such an encouragement to me.

Current cuteness Sadie wearing a watermelon romper while holding her stuffed husky that was my sister’s while she was a child.

Toddler in watermelon romper with husky stuffed animal

Currently looking forward to Reuniting with our church family later this month!

Current food Teddy grahams. They have just been hitting the spot lately 🙂

Current fun Continuing to learn sign language with Sadie. I feel like it has opened up so much communication for us and we both enjoy it.

Current baked good Apple pie!

Apple pie with stars and hearts

Current obsession Having fires in our fire pit with Jimmy after Sadie goes to bed.

Current prayer The United States and all the riots that have been happening throughout the country.

Current toddler product Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Pad. Sadie has so much fun making different scenes with all the stickers, and I love that she can use it again and again. I also love the price 😉

Current pet product Niva is blowing her coat, so I got these gloves for brushing her and they have been amazing! They work well on Malcolm, too!

Dog shedding gloves product

What’s currently going on in your life this month?



  1. Love that picture of Sadie!

    The discipline of your children is not easy but if done in a Godly way it works and you feel better about it knowing this is what God wants!

    Your mother and I took various classes through the church and read different books as well as talked to other Christians who were more experienced and we got through it!

    Love 💕 you

  2. First of all, I LOVE that every time I read one of your posts and pop down here to leave a comment, there’s always already a comment from your dad. His support and love for you just reminds me of my own father, and it’s really beautiful. And it always puts a smile on my face! 🙂
    Disciplining a child is SO much harder than I had thought it would be, to be honest; mainly because it can vary depending on the child. The way we discipline is slightly different in my house, based on who Brady is and who Kaitlyn is. Brady is very strong-willed and defiant at times, while Kaitlyn is super sensitive. And we’ve found that what works for one doesn’t always work for the other. Knowing their personalities and also trying to get to the bottom of “why” has really helped us a lot. Sometimes they act out just because they’re in a testing stage, and we need to implement the ‘time-out’ consistently to teach them that mommy and daddy are to be obeyed. Brady, in particular, has gotten into the habit of trying dangerous things (like letting himself out of the house or grabbing the stove handle), and – because that was a huge danger to himself – we disciplined more sternly for that. And I’ve found that sometimes, he gets angry and reacts, because of big emotions. And for those times, time-out has worked… but first, he actually gets a hug and an understanding conversation about how to handle emotions. I feel as though just as we have something figured out, they grow out of a stage; and it all changes. Ha!!! But all that to say, I completely understand, and you’re doing GREAT! Talking to those who you trust for advice is such a wise thing to do. And as parents, we will make mistakes along the way. But consistency and love are definitely key! 🙂
    My kiddos both LOVE those sticker pads, and I forgot that we have one in our craft closet! Going to pull that out in a bit for them to play with.
    And goodness, that pie looks SO delish!!! 🙂

    1. It’s the absolute sweetest that my dad always, always reads and comments on my blog. I feel so loved!

      I have loved reading your comment about discipline, Nicole! I think it’s going to be one I come back to more and more as/if we are blessed with more children because you’re so right–every child is totally different and I know that from growing up with my siblings, but I never thought about it in terms of my own kids, LOL! So, thanks for that reminder 😉

      Hope you guys have fun with the sticker pads!!

  3. That rainbow!! So pretty. 🙂

    And thank God for the people He places in our lives. It’s such a gift to have someone a little bit ahead of you in life to receive advice from!

    And Sadie in a romper! Precious!

    1. I think that was the most gorgeous rainbow I’ve ever seen!

      Amen to thanking God for the wonderful people he blesses us with in our lives! It’s the best to have someone just ahead of me who is so willing to share her wisdom and experiences!

      Ah, rompers. They’re the best!

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