Our First Christmas as a Family of Four

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with loved ones. Our first Christmas as a family of four was amazing.

Family Christmas picture with baby and four year old and husky in front of Christmas tree

We were praying for a baby at this time last year, so to have our little guy with us to celebrate this Christmas season was extra special!

Here’s how our celebrations went down this year.

December 23rd Woke up to super cold temperatures, wind, and snow. Jimmy worked a half day and I hung out with the kids. Poor Sadie girl came down with a cold and had a runny nose.

In the evening, we went to my father-in-law’s house to exchange gifts and have an Italian dinner of manicotti and meatballs.

Family picture in front of fireplace

We also played the pie face game and laughed so hard. Highly recommend it!

It’s techincally a kids game, but it’s probably more fun to see adults get whipped cream on their face. Sadie thought it was hilarious to see mom and dad get “pie faced.”

Guy getting whipped cream on his face while playing pie face game

December 24th My mom and dad came over early on Christmas Eve and we hung out and exchanged gifts. Sadie definitely wasn’t fully herself, but she really enjoyed spending time with my parents, as always!

Family in front of Christmas tree

In the evening, we went to our church’s Christmas Eve service. Sadie sang Away in A Manger and We Wish You A Merry Christmas with the other preschoolers and it was adorable. Definitely shed a tear watching my big girl sing!

I also did some singing with the ladies’ group–we sang Joy to The World. My dad preached the message and it was a joyful evening with our church family!

Church on Christmas Eve

Both kids ended up in bed with us in the night–Mordecai to eat and Sadie because she wasn’t feeling 100%.

She told us her runny nose woke her up so we all snuggled together and I had a moment of feeling so blessed by my little family. I love them so much!

December 25th Mordecai and I were up early for him to eat and we spent some one-on-one time together while waiting for Jimmy and Sadie to wake up.

Mom holding newborn baby in front of Christmas tree

We exchanged gifts before heading to church. We kept it simple for Sadie and gave her a sticker book, calendar, hair clips, and a bath bomb.

She picked out this toy for Mordecai and was so cute giving it to him! Jimmy gave me peanut butter (he knows me ❤️) and I gave him his favorite brand of body wash.

Older sister holding baby brother in front of Christmas tree

After church, we headed home for lunch and relaxed for a bit before heading to my brother’s house. We did dinner with his family, my parents, sister’s family, and my sister-in-law’s family. We had a big crew and the kids all loved playing!

December 26th We had a chill morning–Jimmy and Sadie watched Home Alone 2 and I got groceries. Mid-morning, we went to Jimmy’s sister’s house for brunch and a gift exchange.

Family Christmas picture in front of Christmas tree

This was our final Christmas gathering! Lots of running around from the 23rd-26th, but so worth it to be with family. Sadie was relishing all the time with her favorite people and Mordecai soaked up the extra snuggles.

Jimmy’s mom and step dad gave Sadie a bike. Her first real bike with training wheels and everything!

Four year old on Frozen bike with training wheels

After our last celebration, we headed home and hung out, did laundry, and cleaned for the rest of the day.

I also finished up a little vlog of all the celebrating because videos are a lot of fun to look back on, too.

We had such a lovely Christmas season this year. I couldn’t have asked God for a sweeter time. Just to be with family, at church celebrating Jesus’ birth, and cherishing special moments with my little family were the best gifts ever.


  1. Awesome holiday! I love ❤️ the part about this time last year you guys were praying for a baby and God Blessed you with Mordecai!
    Love 💕 You

  2. Your Christmas certainly was a longgg one/ you’re so blessed with a huge family that loves you so much!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed every day celebration you had!!

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