Some Cuteness for Today

Hi! It’s Christmas Eve Eve! I’m currently typing this post from my bed with a biiiig mug of coffee in my hand.

Teal Starbucks coffee mug

I’m pretty sure Mordecai is going through a growth spurt, so I was up a lot in the night to feed him… like at 12, and then once every hour from 3-6. Hence the coffee 😉

He’s so cute and pleasant that I don’t mind the lack of sleep too much. Or maybe I’m used to it?! Either way, I wanted to share some cute pictures I’ve taken in the past week or so. They make me so happy!

Big sister kissing baby brother black and white photo on bed

Like this one above. I’m pretty sure it will never get old seeing Sadie and Mordecai together. Last night Jimmy and I had a moment of stillness where both kids were content and we looked at each other and were like “are they really ours?!”

Girl playing with train set at the library while baby rests in carseat

I took the kids to the library together for the first time yesterday! It’s our happy place and it was fun to introduce Mordecai to the librarians who saw my preggo belly about 800,000 times before he arrived!

It was also a nice way to get out of the house. Usually if we go out, it’s to run errands. This trip was all about getting out for Sadie girl to play and pick out books, so she was in heaven!

Four year old selfie

Speaking of Sadie, she is loving knowing how to use my phone. She took a selfie (and about 65 other random photos) with my phone and it cracked me up.

Five week old baby boy smiling

Hello from smiley boy! In raccoon pajamas with milk and cookies. Can’t even take the cuteness.

Siberian husky peeking behind table to watch owner eat

Can’t forget about Niva being cute and a little… creepy?! I was eating dinner and looked up to see her hardcore eyeing me up. Does anyone else’s pets do this?

Sister and baby brother playing

These two! Sadie loves to set up “bedrooms” for her and Mordecai to play in. She always makes a bed for him and even brought in her nightlight. She’s so sweet with him.

Baby boy wrapped in a gray towel after a bath

This cutie loves his bath time! He’s like me and prefers to be warm and cozy at all times, lol. Yesterday I had Sadie in the tub and Mordecai in the bathroom sink. Can’t wait till they can take a bath together!

Young girl sitting at kitchen table with Pikachu stuffed animal

Sadie decided Pikachu needed to join us while we did school one day this week.

Older sister reading to baby brother in crib

Book time! Sadie pretty much has Black Cat White Cat memorized and “reads” it to Mordecai every day. We’re working on letter sounds when we do school, so hopefully she will be on the road to reading within the next year or two.

I know learning to read is going to open up a whole world to Sader Tot and I am excited for that.

Young girl in booster seat with Jesus Loves Me sticker and coloring book

Just a girl and her sticker//coloring book! She was given this for Christmas from our church secretary and it was a big hit!

Looking at this picture also reminds me I need to get her a new winter coat, lol. I bought that one two years ago from the thrift store for $0.25 and it’s a 3T. She’s now in 5T clothing. She’s a growing girl!

Older sister holding baby brother in rocking chair

The way he looks at her! My heart could just burst.

Okay, I’m going to end the post here. It’s a cold and windy day in Pittsburgh. I think it’s 1 degree and we have a small dusting of snow on the ground. Jimmy said it was wicked driving into work today.

We’re headed to my father-in-law’s house tonight for dinner and a gift exchange and I still need to do school with Sadie and put meatballs in the crockpot.

Bye until next time!

What are you up to today?
Is it cold where you live?



  1. Mordecai is growing so quickly, filling out nicely! I’m so glad Sadie loves him, so much, and I’m thinking they will grow up super close! Have a very Merry Christmas! Love you guys!💕

  2. Yesterday – Christmas Eve Eve – I worked on my master’s thesis (due next month!) then got the train into town to meet my partner and do some shopping while he had his hair cut. I enjoyed browsing around the shops and had to restrain myself from spending lots on books. I should definitely start using the library again!

    Such sweet photos in your post. Happy Christmas to you all 😊

    1. I can’t believe your thesis is due next month! I feel like that came up quickly. I am with you on having to restrain myself from buying books, haha. I hope your Christmas was great!

      1. It really has flown by! Even though I’ve spent two years working on it, I can’t quite believe that the deadline is the end of this month. I’m going to be busy doing the final edits, formatting and proofreading the next few weeks. I have a bad habit of buying books, starting to read multiple and then not finishing them. New year’s intention to read only one at a time! Thank you, I had a lovely Christmas with my boyfriend and family. I’m not ready for work to start again tomorrow!!

  3. you always get the most amazing pics of your kids!!! Growing up in such a loving family environment is so important, and I’m so proud of how you and Jimmy are as parents.
    I’m not actually leaving this comment till after Christmas – so my day today is hopefully going to be pretty chill! Started with body pump class at the y – so that’s always a good start to my day!!
    love you beautiful mama

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