The Lead Up

We’re in the lead up to Christmas and the anticipation is building! I know I’m excited. There are so many gatherings and events going on for us in the next week and I’m already smiling just thinking of how much fun it’s going to be.

Mom and daughter making gingerbread houses

We’re going to be at our church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (if you’re local to Pittsburgh and are looking for a church, let me know!) and spending time with our families in the days before and after Christmas.

Pittsburgh is expected to get some rough weather, and there’s a lot of sickness going around. Hopefully we can avoid both of those things! If not, it is what it is, you know?

We decorated the gingerbread houses that I mentioned in my last post and I have to recommend the Godiva brand of gingerbread houses. The cookie part was on point!

Girl eating icing from gingerbread house

I’ve been keeping busy with wrapping gifts, wrangling children, teaching homeschool, cooking, Etsy orders, cleaning, and everything in between.

I’ve been finding little pockets of time to read, though! I’m getting into somewhat of a reading groove again since having Mordecai. I used to read in bed after laying Sadie down for the night but now I immediately face plant into bed after laying Mordecai down.

The Bright Side of Disaster novel by Katherine Center

Most of my reading happens while I nurse Mordecai or in the car. I’ll take whatever I can get! I have a few pages left in The Bright Side of Disaster by Catherine Center. It’s about love, men and motherhood, but not in a cheesy way.

Are you reading anything good at the moment? I want to hear about it. I’m always looking for book recs!

Guess what! Mordecai started smiling here and there right around the one month mark and it’s the best.

One month old baby boy laying in crib smiling

I think a baby’s first smile makes so much of those early weeks worth the hard work and parenting keeps getting more and more rewarding as they grow.

Well, my time is up! I’m blogging while we drive home from church and we’re almost home 🙂

How has your week been so far?



  1. GODIVA gingerbread houses!? I MUST FIND THIS. You simply cannot go wrong with Godiva. I can’t believe Christmas is this weekend. Sadly the last few years for me it hasn’t felt much like Christmas until maybe the day of. I would love to do more festive things with friends and family, but every year it seems to get away from me. I think this is the one thing I miss most about Starbucks, it ALWAYS felt like the holidays while working there.

  2. Mordecai smiling is the BEST!!
    I have to say – that chocolate gingerbread was AMAZING! I’m so glad you were able to have a fun family night doing that!!

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