Mordecai at One Month

A month with Mordecai! I can’t believe how fast a month flew by. Here’s how our little guy is growing and developing.

Baby boy at one month old

Growth At birth, he was 8lbs 3.5 oz and 20 inches long. He’s now 10lbs 3 oz (57th%), 21.25 inches (34th%), and his head circumference is 38.5 cm (53rd%).

Wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.

Eating Mom’s milk! I have no idea how many times a day I feed him. I pretty much offer a nursing session any time he cries, lol. He’s a great eater and I am loving our nursing relationship so much already.

Girl nursing baby boy with cat on her

Personality He seems to be a pretty chill guy. If he’s fed, he’s pretty content to just hang out and take in his surroundings! Like most newborns, he would always rather be held than set down, though.

Nicknames Surprisingly, not many yet! Jimmy sometimes calls him Morde/Mordy and I call him Little Buddy, but we mostly call him by his name.

Sleeping Like a newborn, so all over the place! We put him to bed at 9:00 pm and he typically sleeps until midnight, then he’s up every two or three hours from there. He tends to cluster feed in the early morning.

During the day, he dozes on and off but I feel like he does two solid naps: one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

One month old baby boy laying on watercolor moon crib sheet in brown wood crib

Looks like I love that he looks like the perfect blend of our family. I see some of Sadie, some of Jimmy, and some of myself. He has blue eyes and blonde-ish hair right now.

New skills Looking cute, staring contests with ceiling fans, and working on lifting his head.

Likes Being cuddled, nursing, his sister’s voice and watching her play, ceiling fans, warm baths, and anything high contrast in color.

Newborn baby boy wearing red plaid shirt and suspenders while laying on playmat.

Dislikes Being cold, overtired, and hungry.

Favorite products Portable sound machine, swaddle, high contrast book, humidifier with diffuser, foldable bath, carseatcompact swing, diaper rash spray, body wash and shampoo, diaper pail, visual stimulus cards, crib sheet, vitamin D drops, wooden play gym, lactation cookie mix, baby memory book, and the most useful baby product for us: a baby carrier!

Other notes Mordecai celebrated his first Thanksgiving when he was a little over a week old, had his first emergency room visit and hospital stay at ten days old, went to church for the first time at two weeks old, visited the Aviary, and was seen by our chiropractor for the first time at a month old.

Baby boy wearing Christmas tree footie pajamas

It has been pure joy learning who our little guy is and I am looking forward to watching him grow and develop his own personality! He has fit so seamlessly into our family and is such a blessing. We love him so, so much!



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