More Snapshots from Our Christmas

I blogged all about how we spent the days before and after Christmas, but I wanted to share more pictures.

There were so many sweet moments and memories captured in every photo. I promise to keep this post light on words and heavy on pictures!

Mom with two kids under Christmas tree with husky

Mom and daughter selfie

Sadie was so excited for the new hair clips we gave her! She let me do her hair before we went to church and even wanted to put clips in my hair ๐Ÿ˜‚

Baby boy wearing suspenders and red shirt sitting on mom's lap

Mordecai got all dressed up for church on Christmas Day!

Newborn baby smiling in front of Christmas tree

Smiley boy on Christmas morning. It was nice spending some one-on-one time with my little guy before Sadie and Jimmy woke up. I showed him the Christmas tree and he enjoyed looking at the lights.

Girls playing dress up

Sadie and her cousins. They’re so close in age that people in our lives often call them “the triplets” haha. They played dress up all evening on Christmas.

Brother and sister sitting in crib together

Sadie is very good with Mordecai. She shows him toys, sings to him, and snuggles him constantly. My heart is so full every time I see them interacting.

Grandparents holding grandkids at church

Jimmy’s mom and step dad came to church on Christmas Eve and the kids loved sitting with them.

Baby laying on American Girl Doll bunk bed

Sadie received a doll bunk bed from Jimmy’s dad and step mom for Christmas, so we obviously had to put Mordecai on it!

Grandma reading Emily Ley book to granddaughter

My mom and dad gave Sadie this book for Christmas and I cried just reading the title. Still emotional with all these postpartum hormones over here.

Baby boy in First Christmas sleeper

Mordecai wore his “My First Christmas” jammies on repeat. So cozy in the cold weather. I think the high temperate was 8 degrees on Christmas Day?!

Grandma snuggling newborn baby boy

Mordecai enjoyed cuddling up to my mom. I’m pretty sure babies sleep best on grandparents?!

Grandpa holding newborn grandson on couch at Christmastime

Smiling for my dad. Those were Sadie’s Christmas pajamas in 2018!

Young girl playing pie face game with whipped cream on her face

She thought the Pie Face game was the coolest.

Grandpa holding baby grandson in kitchen

Mordecai hanging out with Jimmy’s dad!

Girl holding up American Girl Doll in box on Christmas

Sadie was super excited for her new doll from Jimmy’s dad and step mom!

Young girl looking at sticker book while laying on rug

Sadie finished out our Christmas celebrations by looking at her sticker book on Mordecai’s new rug from my mom and dad. It has a “map” of our house, my parent’s house, and our church. Can’t wait to see him play on it in the future!

That’s the last of our Christmas snapshots! We’re now in that weird week before the New Year where we’re cleaning up from all the Christmas fun and getting back into the swing of normal life ๐Ÿ˜‚

Tell me about your Christmas!



  1. More great family Christmas content!
    Love ๐Ÿ’• it!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Love โค๏ธ You!

  2. These pictures are so beautiful and precious! There’s something so sweet about Christmas with children. It looks like such an amazing holiday!!

  3. Iโ€™m so thankful for our family and how close we all are- it makes Christmas all the more special.
    Iโ€™m also so thankful for your blog- we will always have it to look back on all of our memories- with the perfect pics that you include in your posts – thank you!
    Love you

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