What an eventful day our anniversary was! It was also my birthday–yeah, we got married on my birthday eight years ago! I felt so loved and cherished all day πŸ’œ

Mom and daughter picture in diner

The morning started out with Jimmy giving me birthday/anniversary gifts. He’s always so thoughtful. I’ve mentioned wanted to get back into archery (I used to do it with my dad as a child) a few times recently, so he gave me a recurve bow with arrows!

We went to breakfast with Jimmy’s dad and step mom at a local dinner and had such a nice time talking and watching Sadie enjoy her Mickey Mouse pancake. Afterwards, us girls went to a consignment store to shop for a bit and my mother-in-law bought Sadie and I a few things(!). We truly had so much fun having girl time!

Family at dinerGirl with Mickey Mouse pancake at diner

My mother-in-law then took Sadie out for the day and I headed home for some alone time. Being alone on my birthday for a bit = this introvert’s dream πŸ˜‚

I was able to do some cooking (buuuut I cut my thumb while using a new, sharp knife… go me lol) and also walked Niva.

Girl walking Siberian husky on road

I guess the walk wasn’t enough to tire Niva out, though. After our walk, I was sitting on our front porch while reading my Bible and guess who ran past me? Niva! She escaped our fence. I yi yi. Our neighbor saw her get out and said she jumped and squeezed through the gap by the gate of our fence extension.

With the help of a few neighbors, she ended up coming home after one heart attack (for me) and ten minutes later. I don’t know how our Houdini does it. She’s a true escape artist.

Jimmy came home from work early so he could watch Sadie at her swim lesson! That was special. She was excited to show him to pool and how she is learning to swim. I even got in with her during the lesson this time 😊

Dad and daughter sitting on bench by pool

Mom and daughter in pool for swim lesson

After the lesson and some playtime in the pool, we headed home so Jimmy could Niva-proof the fence and I could play with my bow and arrows.

We set up a target and all took turns shooting the arrows. I think I need to get Sadie a child-size set because she is really into it! Soon enough it was dinner time and then Jimmy was off to a church meeting.

Girl shooting arrows with recurve bow

I’d say it was an eventful day! A cut finger, runaway dog, breakfast out, shopping date, swim lesson, and new toy for mom. All in a day’s work 😜

It was truly a blessed day. I felt so loved and enjoyed celebrating eight years of marriage with Jimmy!

When was the last time you had an eventful day?



  1. Wow, I can’t believe all the things you squeezed into one day!! πŸ™‚ It sounds fantastic… minus the cut finger and runaway dog. Ha, ha! Mom life is NEVER dull, for sure!
    Happy birthday AND happy anniversary!

  2. An eventful day indeed! Happy anniversary and happy birthday, Allie! Such a wonderful way to celebrate! I hope your finger heals quickly and that Niva doesn’t escape again. Enjoy the bow and arrows! How fun!

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