Five Things

Hey hey! I feel so behind on all things blog-related. I’m here now, and ready to discuss some random things, as always.

1. A date! I think it was a weekend or two ago that Jimmy and I went to Trax Farms here in Pittsburgh for a little afternoon date and it was lovely. Yes, our idea of a date is going to a farm store 🙂

Girl looking at garden and farm store Trax Farms in Pittsburgh, PA

Speaking of Jimmy and I, our wedding anniversary is tomorrow! I can’t believe we’ve been married four years now. It feels like just yesterday we were walking down the aisle, taking pictures, dancing at our reception, going on our honeymoon, and settling into our new life together. Now we have a menagerie of animals and have been blessed with a sweet little girl on the way. I can’t say it enough: God. Is. Good. 

2. Speaking of our pets… Malcolm turned two in May, and Mavis and Lola each turn 12 this month: 12 months for Mavis and 12 years for Lola!

Black cat laying in windowsillCocker spaniel laying on black lab funny

Lola, Malcolm, and Mavis keep us busy and make our hearts full. We’re constantly laughing (and sometimes crying…) because of these three musketeers. Also of note, Mavis finally went into heat! I’ll probably post more about it in a 12 month update for her!

3. Swimming. Guys, I went swimming for the first time in like three years! Long-time readers will probably remember that I was a competitive swimmer growing up, and then swam for fun at the gym during college and for a year or two after. I finally got back in the pool last week and it felt amazing, aside from all the huffing and puffing I did 😉

Swimming kick board, pull buoy, paddles, and Thermos Intak waterbottle

4. Granola. I made some banana bread granola for our neighbors as a thank you for a baby outfit they gave us and I thought I’d share the recipe. It’s a keeper! When I first posted the recipe, I called it banana nut granola, but I think banana bread granola better suits it.

Banana bread granola in a mason jar

I also have a great chocolate granola recipe and peanut butter granola recipe. I thought I had a few more granola recipes here on the blog, but they’re currently living in my homemade cookbook. I’ll have to post about them soon! Some of the flavors are coconut almond, cranberry orange, and oatmeal raisin. Now I want a bowl of granola with milk.

5. A thank you. Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post! Everyone had such great input and I’m glad I decided to post about the tough stuff we had been going through. You guys rock 🙂


All sorts of celebrations have been happening around the Zottola household lately! Jimmy and I had our anniversary, I turned 25-years-old, and we had a Father’s Day cookout.

Our anniversary and my birthday (yeah, we were married on my birthday!) fell on a Wednesday this year. My dad took me out to lunch at Osaka, which is a Sushi and Chinese restaurant. It was our first time there, and we throughly enjoyed it! What I loved the most, though, was sharing a meal with my dad 🙂

Sushi restaurant meal

I’m pretty sure we’re the only ones in our family who like sashimi and sushi, so we always enjoy chowing on some raw fish together!

On Friday, Jimmy and I took the day off work and celebrated our anniversary! I had to pet sit, but we made the best of it and took one of the dogs out on a trail walk with us in the morning. Then we got coffee at Dunkin Donuts, shopped for my anniversary gift from Jimmy, and enjoyed lunch at Cracker Barrel!

Trail walk with chocolate lab

The trail was so peaceful first thing in the morning!

Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Jimmy was so sweet and thoughtful with my anniversary gift. He told me to pick out a bistro table for our front porch! I had been wanting a little bistro set for a long time, and I thought it was so nice that Jimmy remembered that and let me pick it out!

We bought the table from Lowe’s, and the chairs from Target. We had dinner on the bistro set that evening, and I had coffee and read my Bible on it the next morning. I love it! Thank you, Jimmy! And in case anyone was wondering, I bought him the PlayStation 4 gaming console for his gift, haha.

Blue Bistro Table

The book on top of the pile is this one, the second one is Cherish by Gary Thomas, the third is my journal, and the fourth is my Bible!

On Saturday evening, we had our families over to celebrate Father’s Day. We grilled shish kebabs, lit sparklers, and celebrated our dads. Their gift? Us kids are taking them go karting soon!

Grilling shish kebabsSparklers

So, yeah, lots of fun celebrations lately! Reflecting on all of them makes me feel so happy, blessed, and loved. I’m beyond thankful for the people God has placed in my life and the fact that I get to celebrate with them!

How was your weekend?