Pepper Wars

Ready for a really random story? My brother-in-law recently gave Jimmy a bunch of potatoes and green peppers from his garden. We’ve had them sitting in a bag on our counter the past few days and Sadie kept taking a pepper and putting it on our bathroom counter to “decorate.”

She does this with random things all. the. time. but has never done it with food. I kept moving the pepper back to the kitchen, and kept finding it back in the bathroom! Jimmy decided to start a pepper war and took three of the peppers and placed them around Sadie’s bedroom.

She thought that was so funny and took it as a challenge. So what did she do? She took the peppers out of her room and put them into baby’s nursery (where Jimmy spends most of his time at home lately) so he would find them there.

Green peppers on floor

Jimmy got a kick out of that. He and Sadie went to church last night and I stayed home with a case of the sniffles. I walked into our bedroom and what did I find on my nightstand? Green peppers!

There was also one under my pillow. It was like getting a visit from the pepper fairy instead of the tooth fairy.

Green peppers on nightstand

Of course, I had to one-up those two rascals, so I put a pepper on Jimmy’s nightstand and two under Sadie’s comforter so they would be surprised when they got home.

I keep telling them this little game is such bad idea because we’re probably going to forget about one of the peppers and find it rotting in Sadie’s room in a month but we just can’t stop. I think Jimmy will be able to put an end to it if I promise to make my stuffed peppers, though 😉

I’ve already used the rest of the peppers and potatoes to make potato soup and breakfast casseroles, but those other three peppers are hiding on me somewhere in the house!

Have you ever had a “war” going on in your home?!



  1. That’s hilarious!
    When I first saw the title I thought you were talking about pepper the spice!
    Love 💕 You

  2. That’s sooooo adorable!
    Remember the Dora the explorer pic and the Pittsburgh diva ? I think it must run in our family to be totally random and hide things 🤣

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