Pepper Wars

Ready for a really random story? My brother-in-law recently gave Jimmy a bunch of potatoes and green peppers from his garden. We’ve had them sitting in a bag on our counter the past few days and Sadie kept taking a pepper and putting it on our bathroom counter to “decorate.”

She does this with random things all. the. time. but has never done it with food. I kept moving the pepper back to the kitchen, and kept finding it back in the bathroom! Jimmy decided to start a pepper war and took three of the peppers and placed them around Sadie’s bedroom.

She thought that was so funny and took it as a challenge. So what did she do? She took the peppers out of her room and put them into baby’s nursery (where Jimmy spends most of his time at home lately) so he would find them there.

Green peppers on floor (more…)


Interviewing My Toddler

I had this fun idea to interview Sadie and ask her questions like what her favorite color is, who her best friend is, what she wants to be when she grows up, etc. and it was equal parts chaos and silliness.

The best part? I decided to film it so I could look back on it šŸ˜¬

If you have children, have you ever interviewed them?