Interviewing My Toddler

I had this fun idea to interview Sadie and ask her questions like what her favorite color is, who her best friend is, what she wants to be when she grows up, etc. and it was equal parts chaos and silliness.

The best part? I decided to film it so I could look back on it ūüė¨

If you have children, have you ever interviewed them?


This past weekend I stepped outside of my comfort zone and I’m happy to report that everything went well!

In August, a co-worker of mine asked if I could watch her three children (ages 9-14) for a weekend in October. I said yes, but in the months leading up to “the big weekend” I was really nervous.

It might not seem like a big deal to watch three kids for three days, but it was to me because I had never done something like that before. I have always been the babysitter that lets kids walk all over me. That can be bearable if I’m watching kids for a few hours, not a few days!

I headed over to their house on Friday after the kids got off their buses and left on Sunday morning after I got them ready for church and their grandma picked them up.

On Friday night we baked homemade chocolate chip cookies and played board games. On Saturday we made chocolate chip pancakes, walked their dog, and the younger siblings went to a Halloween party, and then we had Hannah over in the evening and made a music video (oh my… I’ll post it below). Sunday morning went smoothly; I made their beds, got them quick breakfasts, and made sure everyone was showered. Then, suddenly, the “big weekend” was over. It went by so fast!

I was so happy to find out that they had a coffee maker. I was also thankful for pre-made pancake mix.

The photo on the left was before we took a walk. The photo on the right is the younger kiddos in their Halloween costumes. They were a washer and laundry basket. How creative is that?!

After their grandma came to pick them up I even had time to rush home, shower, and make it to church by 10:30. I was feeling pretty triumphant lolz.


  • I don’t give myself enough credit. Why did I think that I wouldn’t be responsible enough? Everything went so well.¬†
  • I’m really glad that I stepped outside of my comfort zone because I was¬†definitely¬†challenged¬†a few times (some sibling fighting) but handled things calmly. I really feel like I grew up a little bit this weekend. Only a little bit though ;).
  • Hannah is amazing and I’m so glad she could help me. Don’t worry, I paid her!
  • I’d do it again in a heart beat. I actually had a lot of fun. Kids say the funniest things ever.

Speaking of fun, here is the music video we made:

I’m pretty sure the bloopers are the best part!


Alright, It’s back to the grind for me. I have a lot of school work to catch up on tonight!! How was your weekend?

Bible verse of the day: You, Lord, keep my lamp burning;
    my God turns my darkness into light. Psalm 18:28