Cupcakes, A Party, and Things I’ve Learned from My Mom

Hi! First of all, I’m happy to share that Jimmy is slowly starting to feel better since being sick last week. He went to urgent care and was able to get a steroid to help his lungs. It also had the side effect of giving him a little more pep in his step! Hopefully he will be 100% soon 😊

Okay, let’s talk about cupcakes! My nephew, Lawson, had his first birthday party on Friday night and it was such a fun evening celebrating the little guy. Hannah asked me to make baseball-themed cupcakes and obviously I was on board with that!

Baseball cupcakes

Lawson is such a sweet boy. He’s smiley, easy to please, and generally a happy little guy. I just love him so much!

Hannah decorated our church’s fellowship hall so adorably and we ate hot dogs, nachos, and Cracker Jack just like we were at a ball park. Such a fun idea!

Baby boy in indoor sand box

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really enjoy going to kids parties and seeing the gifts get opened and oohing and ahhing over the cute clothes, toys, and more. I love picking out just the right gift, too! I think gift giving is my love language 😂

Fun fact: my mom and Lawson share a birthday! I don’t know how Hannah went into labor and had him on my mom’s birthday last year but nobody is more happy about that fact than my mom 😉

Since my mom had a birthday along with Lawson, I thought it would be fun to share a few things my mom has taught me in life!

Mom and daughter on Avalon fishing pier in the Outer Banks, NC

–> Things are meant to be used. Cars are meant to be driven and have miles put on them. That fancy candle? Burn it and enjoy it! Play at the kitchen table and don’t worry about paint getting on the table. Basically, use the stuff you have because it’s just stuff and life is short.

–> Be generous. Everything you have is from God. It’s all a blessing and you should use what you have to bless others. It feels so much better to give than to hoard.

–> Being quiet is a powerful as being loud. My mom never raised her voice when I was a child. Usually if she was extra quiet, I knew I was probably misbehaving 😂

–> You must have needed the sleep. Any time I have taken a nap or slept in late and mentioned it to my mom her response is always “You must have needed the sleep!” I try to remind myself of that instead of feeling guilty!

–> The little moments are the big moments. My mom was always there for big things in my life (choir concerts, swim meets, school plays, etc.), but my favorite moments with her were driving to those things together, cooking dinner on a weeknight, and walking around stores to window shop. Now as a parent, I try to keep in mind that the everyday moments are just as important as the big events!

–> Believe in yourself. Nobody is more supportive of my goals and ambitions than my mom. It has to be a mom thing, right?! I could tell her I want to be the President of the United States and she would be like, “Yes! You will do great! What’s your next step?” without blinking. I try to believe in myself as much as she believes in me.

What have you learned from your mom?



  1. Well this post definitely made me cry, but a happy cry for sure.
    Lawson’s party was fun, and it is pretty cool that he’s my birthday buddy too. The cupcakes you made were a HUGE hit/ as always!!! You have been quite busy in the baking department for special events, that’s for sure. Soooo proud of your for stepping out of your comfort zone and helping people out in this way!!
    I’m so glad you have this blog- looking back on your posts has been such a blessing to our family. It’s our life’s memories all written down with beautiful pictures to treasure for each event (yes, even the small ones 🥰)
    Thank you for your kind words, and for making me feel like I did some things right in the department of motherhood (and now YaYahood – totally made up word)
    You’re the best beautiful mama, and I love you.
    Now- go run for President, PLEASE.
    And take a nap 🥰

    1. I’m glad it was a happy cry, lol!! Thanks for the compliment on my cupcakes!

      LOL about running for president and taking a nap! I will definitely take you up on the nap part 😉

  2. Awesome writing! Love the pic of Lawson in his sandbox!
    And the cupcakes were the bomb! And you’re absolutely right about everything with your mom! Seeing the pic at the Avalon pier gets me excited about going there very soon!
    Love 💕 You

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