Life Lately in Pictures

I’ve got lots of photos that sum up our life lately in this post! There’s been a little bit of everything: play, baking, family time, some sickness, and more.

We were supposed to be leaving for Kentucky today to visit the Creation Museum but both Sadie and Mordecai are sick. Poor Sadie girl has a high fever and both kids are coughing like crazy so we are staying put! While I’m bummed to miss the trip, these pictures of all the good stuff in life lately leave me feeling thankful for all of our blessings 🤗

Mom sitting in church with kids

There was a concert at our church recently and Sadie and Mordecai sat with me! Eventually I had to feed Mordecai, so Sadie wandered into the sound booth with Jimmy. It was a fun/different evening at church!

Girl holding umbrella and jumping in puddle

I love taking Sadie out on rainy days and letting her jump in puddles. She gets so into it! Here’s a quick video of her jumping in a big puddle. I’m happy to report I got the mud out of her clothes 😂

Baby boys laying on carpet together

Titus (my sister’s youngest son) and Mordecai were hanging out at my sister’s oldest son’s second birthday party! I can’t believe Lawson is two now. I feel like his baby shower, birth, and even first birthday party were just yesterday.

Baby sleeping on guy's lap

Mordecai fell asleep straight up lounging on my brother. So funny. Speaking of my brother, he and his wife are expecting their third daughter(!) in July. Can’t wait to meet her!

Brother and sister laying in bed smiling

These two are quickly becoming best friends. Mordecai is instantly happy when he sees or even hears Sadie’s voice. Sadie would do anything for him and is always giving him her toys, hugging him, and entertaining him. I absolutely love watching their relationship grow each and every day ❤️

Baby boy wearing white onesie and smiling

Mordecai’s nickname is finally set: we call him Decky all the time haha. He has brought so much joy to our family!

Girl driving pink Power Wheel car

I love that our neighborhood is calm enough that Sadie can drive her car on the road when we take family walks. She shifts into second gear and reverses with ease. It’s a sight to see 😂

Mom holding baby boy on porch swing

I’m enjoying the days where it’s warm enough to chill on the porch swing with Mordecai! Feels like such a treat to sit outside and take in nature. Our dogwood trees are beginning to bud and there are patches of forsythia in the alleyway behind our house!

Dad and daughter playing in yard with two huskies

Playtime in the backyard with Niva and Runah!

Mom and daughter pink rain boots

Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to wear my favorite footwear: rain boots! I got a pair of Hunter boots several years ago and the price seemed steep at the time but they have paid for themselves in spades. Definitely worth the hype: they’re cute and keep my feet dry!

Spring chocolate cupcake with easter egg sprinkles

Decorated some spring-y cupcakes! Marbled cake + vanilla buttercream + spring sprinkles.

Baby boy sleeping in carrier on mom

There’s nothing like a sleeping baby! This age is so snuggly, simple, and sweet.

Baby boys side by side in carseats

The boys hanging out in their carseats at church!

Brother and sister in crib

Sadie loves getting in Mordecai’s crib with him after his nap. I peeped them on his baby monitor and it was so sweet. If you’re wondering why Mordecai looks like the Michelin Man, it’s because he’s wearing a Merlin’s Magic sleep suit which is pretty magical for sleep haha.

Car wash soap on window

I always feel very accomplished after taking our car through the car wash. It’s the little things, right?!

Girl standing in circle at Target

Sadie hanging out at Target. She always picks her outfit and I don’t fight her on it. Were the unicorn slippers a bit much? Maybe, but she was happy!

Guy putting together IKEA Billy bookshelf

A Saturday morning at the Zottola house: Jimmy putting together an Ikea bookshelf while Mordecai patiently watched him.

Girl brushing meatloaf with ketchup

Sadie helped me put together mini meatloaves. These ones were made with ground venison and brushed with a mixture of ketchup, hot sauce, and honey mustard.

Oreo truffle and m&m bark

The kids and I were running errands one day and there was a chocolate shop in the plaza we were in. We stopped in and bought an Oreo truffle and M&M bark.

Girl and baby brother laying on play mat

A typical afternoon for us includes eating lunch on the floor, playing with stuffed animals, rolling around, and reading books. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

Girl playing with tray of pink and orange foam

Sadie and I made homemade foam out of water, dish soap, and food coloring. She thought it was the coolest. The food coloring washed off of her hands in a few days… lol.

Girl and baby playing with kinetic sand on floor

They’re starting to play together more and more!

Girl and baby brother playing on floor with blankets

We did Sadie’s school lessons on the floor with blankets, Mordecai, and Sadie’s favorite stuffed animal to switch things up!

Girl sleeping with a fever

Poor Sadie girl was sleeping off a high fever. It’s so hard seeing a child sick.

Girl and baby at doctor's office

The kids had their first sick visit together at the doctor’s office, lol. Thankfully their ears and lungs were clear!

Whew, this post ended up being much longer than I expected! Lots of stuff going on for us lately 😊

What would pictures of your life lately look like?



  1. Such adorable (and sad – sick kids) pics! My life lately has been trying to organize a room at a time – but I always seem to get side tracked or overwhelmed- but I will conquer 😂
    I hope both Sadie and Decky’s illnesses go away quickly, and they’re able to enjoy the upcoming spring like weather we’re expecting in the ‘Burgh.
    Love you!

    1. Thank you! Pictures are just the best and my fave! I know you will get organized and you can always ask me for help! I love doing stuff like that 🙂

      Love you!

  2. Absolutely love ❤️ all the pics! It’s such a blessing seeing the kids relationship grow!
    Love 💕 You

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