Smashing Eggs, Drinking Coffee, and Notes from Life Lately

Spring has arrived! Hurrah! I’ve been seeing lots of forsythia, daffodils, and even some tulip stems starting to crop up. Each evening, I’ll randomly look outside, check the time, and announce “It’s 7:54 pm and it’s still light out!” and feel so pleased.

Girl standing on bollard at park

I’ve been trying to get the kids outside as much as possible when the weather cooperates (and even when it doesn’t!). We went to the park yesterday and Sadie wanted to run races.

We would pick a spot to start and finish and then “race” each other. The simplest things make her so happy. She asked me to tickle her last night and you would have thought she won the lottery. I tickled the living daylights out of that girl!

Speaking of tickling, Mordecai’s feet are so ticklish and I love it. I was washing his feet in the bath and as soon as I rubbed soap on his feet, he was cracking up. My sister and I are taking advantage of our sons wearing the same size clothing right now because we dress them in matching outfits as much as possible.

Baby boys wearing Burt's Bees elephant sleepers

Thanks again to my sister for sharing her day in the life! I think we can all agree that she is one energetic, positive, and productive woman! She mentioned having a church meeting in her post and attending via zoom. What she failed to mention was my embarrassing/funny blunder.

I was also attending the meeting via zoom (with about eight other women) while I watched Sadie and Mordecai because Jimmy wasn’t home. Niva started chewing on bubble wrap from a package we got that day and I thought I was muted when I yelled “Niva, leave it!” in the middle of the meeting… but I wasn’t muted 😂

One day I will get my life together. Probably not anytime soon because I am tired! Mordecai is still waking up multiple times a night and Sadie’s regular wakeup time is 6:30 am. So: coffee.

Komodo dragon blend coffee from Starbucks

We’ve been enjoying Jimmy’s favorite coffee beans from Starbucks lately. He is a dark roast lover through and through. I’m more of a light roast gal myself, but the Komodo Dragon blend is excellent.

Do you like your coffee to be a light, medium, or dark roast? Or are you of their mindset that coffee is coffee? I get so into coffee flavor profiles. It’s a fun little hobby to try out different types of coffee!

We’ve been drinking coffee and smashing eggs over here in the Zottola kitchen. Not real eggs–chocolate ones. I used silicone chocolate molds to make eggs and filled them with candy.

Chocolate surprise eggs with candy inside

They reminded me of Wonder Balls. Any 90s kids out there remember Wonder Balls?! Now I’m going to have the jingle stuck in my head all day, lol. Sadie was so pumped to smash an egg and find candy inside. I made sure to video her reaction. I love that she face dives into the egg immediately 😂

They were so much fun to make! I can post a tutorial if anyone is interested. The only “specialty” thing needed is a silicone mold. Other than that, you just need chocolate to melt and whatever you want to fill the mold with.

Alright, it’s 7:10 am as I type and both kids are awake for the day. Sadie has been laying next to me on the couch and Mordecai is making cute baby snuffling noises from my bedroom. Better go get him and start our day!

Do you like trying new recipes or projects?

What’s your favorite type of coffee?



  1. The filled eggs were so cute! Sadie’s excitement to break it open was priceless- so glad you video’d it!
    I def like a lighter roast- but I honestly drink any coffee set down in front of me 🤷‍♀️
    I am not a huge fan of trying new recipes or projects- but when I do- I’m always pleased that I did!
    Love you

    1. I’m so glad I made ’em! They were fun for Sadie and myself haha! I can definitely see you not being picky about coffee… but also preferring light roast!

      Love you!

  2. I can just see Sadie getting excited about running races or being tickled! And Mordecai’s feet being ticklish is hilarious!

    Love 💕 You!

  3. I definitely get ‘set in my ways’ when it comes to coffee and tend to order and make the same thing. I’m trying to try new things this year though and get out of my comfort zone. Ha, ha! I’ve yet to try a coffee I don’t like!
    I love the chocolate eggs that you can smash! So fun!!! They remind me of the hot chocolate bombs that are so popular around Christmas!

  4. Wonderballs yes!!! I remember they had Disney characters and I was dying for one when I saw the commercial 😂 In Italy they do the Kinder surprise eggs with the toy, which you know about haha 😉 !

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