A Day in The Life of A Mom of Three

Welcome my sister, Hannah, to the blog today! She’s a working, homeschooling mom of three kids ages three and under. She last shared a day in her life in 2013, when she was 15-years-old and in high school. Needless to say, a lot has changed in the past ten years 😉

Without further ado, here’s a day in the life of Hannah.

4:30 am My alarm is going off. Did I get up? Nope 😂 Titus, my baby, is going through a sleep regression or growth spurt or something and has been getting up around 2:00 am to eat every night. I’m giving myself some grace… 25 minutes of it to be exact.

4:55 am Out of bed I rolled!

5:00 am Josh is switching the laundry for me, like the lovely husband he is. I helped him with the last couple of pieces and headed upstairs to do a quick workout

5:30 am The best time of the day… Bible Study and praying with Josh before he leaves for work. 

Coffee and Bible

6:30 am Josh leaves for work.

7:00 am Changing out our bed sheets and folding laundry.

7:15 am The kids are still asleep (the spring ahead time change has done us well)… more Bible study time!

7:30 am I got to switch up my Kitchen Chalkboard! 

Kitchen scripture chalkboard

7:45 am Caroline is our first riser today! I finally put batteries in this light up pillow pet that has needed them for months. She wanted the door shut and lights off to show me how cool it is! Then we needed to read some books by the light of the stars. Before the boys woke up, we snuck in our reading lesson for the day! 

Mom and daughter selfie and The Good and The Beautiful Kindergarten Prep Course

8:15 am The boys are up!

Boys laying in crib

8:36 am Everyone wanted snuggles while Titus ate some breakfast!

8:45 am Titus managed to throw his bowl of food… Definitely time for cup #3 of coffee! Lawson and Caroline helped make their oatmeal (they totally ate it… not 🙃).

9:00 am Devotions time.

9:15 am I’ve been trying to wipe down my fridge when it’s (fairly) empty-ish before we get groceries. It’s also bottle time for Titus!

9:40 am Titus didn’t finish his bottle, but we are off to get the groceries from Walmart that I ordered yesterday, pickup mail for my Dad’s business at the main office for me to be able to pay the bills and process rent checks from my home office, make a bank deposit of rent checks that I processed Sunday, and then finally grab my grocery pickup order from Aldi!

11:00 am Home! Unloaded the groceries, and I started prepping some lunch since Titus was asleep (Lawson couldn’t wait for the grapes, I guess). Lunch was cooking while we did our Bible lessons for the day! Caroline has also been working on using scissors.

12:00 pm Titus finally woke up and finished his bottle while the kiddos ate lunch. He followed this up with his lunch as well. I almost forgot to mention, at some point in this chaos, Lawson peed… in our dog’s water bowl. Like what? We’re at the tail end of potty training with him, he pretty much has it.

I stuck some chopped up chicken breasts in the oven to prep for our dinner tonight–chicken tortilla soup!

1:00 pm I laid Lawson down for his nap. Then I cleaned up around the house, which is always one of my favorite parts of my day… once it’s done. Titus shortly afterward laid down for his nap after another bottle. 

Then Caroline and I finished up her calendar time and a fun math worksheet.

Next I went up to my office and “Elsa” joined my while playing with kinetic sand. She was a good girl and let me finish my work. But she started to say she didn’t feel well and actually asked me to take her temperature?!

She had a low-grade fever and asked me for medicine. So I gave her some Motrin! Then she asked to watch the Beginners Bible “Moses” episode, so I let her. I always feel bad when you can see it in their eyes that they’re sick!

While she watched her show, I realized Josh was going to be working way over (queue unusual evening ahead) and I also wasn’t going to be able to go to a meeting I had with our ladies group this evening due to her being sick. That’s life though, right?

In the meantime I made our chicken tortilla soup and tried making homemade corn tortilla chips for the first time. I didn’t make the corn tortillas homemade, but it’s one step closer than from a bag 😜

Chicken tortilla soup and homemade corn tortilla chips

6:30pm I got my AirPods in and got ready for our meeting, so I could at least be there virtually while the kids played! 

Our meeting lasted until about 8:00 pm, so in the meantime, I fed Titus another bottle, bathed the kiddos, brushed their teeth, and got them in their PJs while trying to listen closely to our meeting, lol.

Mom with toddlers

Once the meeting was over, we read some books, said our prayers and Caroline and Lawson were off to bed! I ran the next load of laundry down to the washer and picked up the toys for the last time today. 

9:15 pm That brings us to right now, I’m just sitting on the couch with Titus, reflecting on a crazy, long, atypical, but truly blessed day.

Baby boy smiling

Josh should be home in about ten minutes; he’s so hardworking, and it was BITTER COLD today. I can’t thank God enough for these little ones he’s entrusted us with. Thanks for listening in and bearing with me with all of the photos. I’m totally a visual person. And thank you Allie, for letting me make a guest post on your blog!!

Thank you again, Han! I loved reading about her day and I think what stuck out to me the most (aside from how she accomplishes so much in a day!!) was how she has such a joyful, positive attitude when challenges crop up.

Sick child? Give her some medicine and attend the meeting virtually! Husband works late? Mom mode engaged. Kid pees in the dog bowl? Clean it out and keep working on potty training.

She’s doing such a great job balancing work, marriage, faith, homeschooling, and parenting and I honestly learn so much from my little sister. She’s the best 💜



  1. This is the most wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it amd the time stamps are motivating while the images of the Bible and dairy are encouraging. I am inspired to adopt some of the practices in my life.

  2. Yup- crying again. Such a great post, and I’m so extremely proud of both of you. You’ve become such incredible Mom’s, and I look so forward to every minute I get to spend with you and both of your families. I love you with all my heart ❤️

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