Mordecai at Four Months

We’re celebrating four months with Mordecai today! He’s a third of a year old already. Here’s how our little guy is growing and thriving at four months.

Four month old baby boy laying in crib smiling

Growth 14 lbs 15 oz (53%), 24 inches (18%), and his head circumference is 43.5 cm (82%).

Wearing Six and nine month clothes and size 2 diapers.

Eating Mom’s milk! He definitely has something going on with being intolerant to milk or soy because if I eat either of those he ends up with blood in his stools and spits up a lot. Poor guy!

Baby boy smiling while laying in bassinet

Personality Chill, happy, and content.

Nicknames Mordecai has turned into “Mor-decky” which has turned into “Decky.” Yup, we sometimes call our son Decky! My dad lovingly calls him “Chunk Chunk.”

Sleeping He has slept through the night twice now (Feb. 27th and March 12th)… and that’s it, lol. Usually, he wakes up every few hours to eat in the night and cluster feeds in the early morning. In the day, he takes about three naps ranging from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

Looks Like Mostly me! My great aunt sent me a picture of me as a baby and I can definitely see the resemblance! I sometimes see a bit of baby Sadie in him, usually when he’s sleeping.

Mom baby picture next to child's baby picture to show resemblance

I’m on the left and Mordecai is on the right!

New Skills He giggled for the first time on March 1st. Here’s a sweet clip of him laughing and me being a crazy woman trying to make him laugh. He’s using his hands to grab things (toys, my hair, his feet, etc.) and chatting more. He can roll now, in fact… I had him laying on our kitchen counter while I baked bread and he rolled right into our sink. Mom fail!

Likes Sadie, eye contact, his play mat, bath time, laying on his changing table, being held facing out, and eating.

Dislikes Loud noises or being startled, being in his car seat, riding in the car, clothes going over his head, being set down, caregivers holding him while sitting, and being cold, tired, or hungry.

Baby boy smiling

Favorite products Play mat, foldable bath tub, tummy time book, Baby D drops, portable sound machine, magic sleep suit, floor seat, and body wash.

Other notes Mordecai had his neurologist and early intervention appointments for his arm weakness and it was determined that he has a brachial plexus injury from birth. The doctor believes the brachial plexus nerve was stretched (as opposed to torn), so the outlook is good. He started physical therapy this week with the goal of being able to crawl using both arms equally and it’s going well. We are learning lots of little exercises and tweaks to help strengthen his shoulder, arm, and hand!

That’s everything for Mordecai! He is such a sweet soul and we feel very, very blessed he’s part of our family 💙


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  1. Go Mordecai!!! He is such a sweet little guy, and we love him so much!! He is such a happy and healthy ‘buddy-bud’. I love the video clip you included 💗
    Love you!!

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