Sitting on kitchen counter

Confessions + Focus

I have some fun confessions today. Some are totally random, some make life easier, and some are just… different. Let’s get started. Oh, and I so want to hear some of your confessions in the comments 😉

Confession #1 Our family doesn’t eat dinner at our table together.

Why? Because we don’t have enough chairs, lol. Our kitchen table seats two people, so Jimmy and I take turns sitting on top of the kitchen counter, while the other sits across from Sadie at the table. Someday we will get a bigger table!

Sitting on kitchen counter

Confession #2 Sometimes the only way I can get a bit of real estate work done while at home with Sadie and Niva is to take everyone outside and set up my laptop up somewhere out of reach from Sadie.

I can’t sit at the table because laptops = toddler magnet, lol.

Working outside with toddler

Confession #3 I like to drink hot water. 

My favorite way to drink water is to turn on the tap until the water coming out is steaming, then I fill up my water bottle and enjoy. Super Sparrow water bottles are amazing at keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Unlike other popular brands, they don’t cost an arm and a leg. 

Super Sparrow Water Bottles from Amazon

I’m strangely picky about water bottles and I’ve been so impressed with this brand. The fact that they have so many different types, sizes, and colors of bottles makes them even more amazing. There’s definitely one for everyone.

Confession #4 Niva doesn’t bark and we don’t mind.

Toddler and husky

Huskies just aren’t barkers. When the mailman drops off a package while Sadie is napping? No barking. It is glorious. Is she a good guard dog? Absolutely not, lol. I will note that huskies howl, but barking isn’t really their thing.

There are a million other reasons as to why we love our Niva girl (she’s sweet, incredible with Sadie, and just a happy-go-lucky pup), but the whole no barking thing is definitely a blessing. 

Those are my confessions. Onto the focus portion of this post. I was reading a great devotional in the Bible app and the words below really struck me.

Breaking bad habits

I had never thought about bad habits in that way, so I thought it was worth sharing! I’m continually trying to live a life that pleases God and instead of focusing on what I’m not doing well, I need to keep my focus on growing in my faith 🙂

Tell me your confessions!




  1. I relate to liking warm/hot water! It’s actually better digestion-wise; warmer water moves things through more easily, where as cold water can slow things down (think of pouring hot water down a drain vs cold to clear it out- or how our muscles tighten in response to cold but relax/release with heat!).
    Thanks for the water bottle suggestion! I, too, am particular about drinking vessels; might need to check Super Sparrow out when I’m next in need of a water bottle. As for travel coffee cups, have you ever tried Contigo?? They’re great at keeping beverages at temperature 😉
    Confession: although I love them dearly, I’m not a fan of our pups being in the kitchen when I’m in there trying to do something. They’re little guys who like to dance around our feet (hoping for something edible to fall), but it’s a major trip hazard.

    1. Yay! So glad you can relate to liking warm water more than cold! Such a good point about how our bodies like warm water more than cold, too. I never thought of it that way!

      I hope you like the water bottles if you end up buying any. I have never tried Contigo for coffee travel cups! I am actually in the market for one, haha. Do you have any specific model that you recommend?!

      How many dogs do you have and what breeds are they?! Love your confession, haha. Dogs can be major trip hazards 😂

  2. #1 confession ~ I have a slight fettish with having too many pairs of sneakers (mostly Hoka’s) last count I think I have 10 Or 11 pair… 😕
    #2 I LOVE MY GRAND BABIES AND WOULD DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING FOR THEM. I had so many friends and family say ‘just wait, grandchildren are just so amazing’. I didn’t truly understand until my husband and I were blessed with 3 all within 8 months. It’s the best 🥰🥰
    #3 When I shop in a clothing store, I put quite a few items in my cart, and then 80% of the time I change my mind and put things back in a different department or rack (sorry Marshall’s workers, I know you hate me)
    #4 this one is a biggie – I wasn’t raised as a Christian or never went to church as a child or young adult. I was never taught or told about heaven, so as a child I would lay in bed at night thinking ‘if I die, that’s it~ I will never see anyone ever again.’ That scared me~ a lot. I thank God everyday that I made a decision to be baptized into Christ and have raised our 3 children in a Christian home, with amazing church family. They are doing the same with their children. Now that’s living the best life! Knowing we will all be together again in heaven with God our father.
    I guess that’s enough. Sorry I took up 1/2 of your blog Allie.
    I love you beautiful mama!

    1. Your sneaker fetish is pretty out of control, LOL! And I love how much you love your grand babies 🙂 It’s the best!

      You totally taught me #3… I do the same thing!

      #4 is so inspiring ❤

      I love you!

    1. Thank you so much, Monique!! I am jealous of all the pets you have! I’ve really been wanting to get another cat, haha. We aren’t sure how all the animals would get along if we added in another, though!

      P.S. I got your email! Thank you! I am going to try and reply this weekend when Sadie naps!

  3. It’s amazing that Niva doesn’t bark! We legitimately disconnected the noise part to our doorbell after we had a kiddo. Having a dog that barked every time someone came to the door (which let’s be real – is a lot with Amazon, haha) was not ideal. He definitely still barks if he gets a glimpse of someone, but since we disconnected the doorbell it is rare. And if someone actually needs us, we still get an alert on our phones that our doorbell was rung! We can even see the person on our phone and talk to them through our doorbell camera. There’s just no doorbell noise in the house. That and a robot vacuum are two of the best life hack decisions we made that first year of parenthood. 😉

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