A Few Favorites

Once again, I have quite a few favorites to share! Because they’re all over the place, I decided to categorize them in lists. Because lists are always a good thing in my book.

Family picture at Barnes and Noble

Life Favorites

  • Another wholesale order! The business I partnered with wants to restock my granola in their shop because some of it sold out (yay!), so I’ve been baking lots of granola the past couple of days.
  • A day with my mom and Sadie. My mom came over last week and she and I brought Sadie to speech therapy and then we went to the mall to pick up the last few things I need for baby boy! It was such a sweet day together.
  • A baptism at church. A girl around my age has been visiting our church and she made the decision to become baptized recently. I had goosebumps watching!
  • We had our car repaired (I bumped into a rock over the summer 🥴) and got it back this week! Jimmy had to get off work about an hour early to pick it up, so we all met at a nearby book store afterwards. Bonus: we finally installed baby’s carseat in our car!
  • Family walks. We’ve had some glorious fall weather in Pittsburgh, so after dinner walks have been a joy for us.

Mom pushing girl on bike

Favorite Books (and a movie)

  • Sadie and I have been reading Stories from Around the World as part of her school curriculum and she thought the story about Puss in Boots from France was such a delight. Imagine how excited she was when I told her it was an animated movie. We watched it on Friday night and all laughed and enjoyed it!
  • I finished up reading Strong, Brave, Loved and Created to Be His Helpmeet and enjoyed them both! Now I’m onto a devotional about the book of Esther.
  • I have a few more pages left in The Soulmate Equation, which has an interesting plot! It has been an easy, light read before bed each night.

Cannoli and kimchi

Food and Drink Favorites

  • I have two favorite cereals lately: Honey Vanilla Cheerios and Kashi Maple Waffle Crisp. And yes, I totally mix them (along with about five other cereals)!
  • Cannoli. I found cannoli shells and made my own filling with homemade whipped cream, whole milk ricotta, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, a pinch of cinnamon, and mini chocolate chips.
  • Kimchi. I took my mom to a local gluten free grocery store (she’s mostly GF!) to show her a bread I love and we ended up leaving with the bread and some kimchi. It brought me back to the beginning of pregnancy when I was obsessed with Korean food. Still hits the spot, except now it makes baby kick!
  • Coffee. Always and forever! I stopped at a local coffee shop (LaBella Bean if anyone reading lives in Pittsburgh) and got a medium roast coffee that was great.

Coffee with fall sleeve from LaBella Bean in Pittsburgh, PA

Miscellaneous Favorites

  • New shoes. I am a big fan of Vans shoes and usually get a new pair every couple of years. I’ve worn the classic slip ons for years (like since I was 15!) and finally ventured into another style. I got these, and Jimmy thinks they’re a bit manly but I like ’em!
  • I mentioned loving The Naked Bee hand sanitizer recently and loved the orange blossom honey scent so much that I bought the body wash. It smells divine!
  • It’s the time of year I bring out this foot cream. It’s so thick and perfect for cooler weather that leaves my feet dry.
  • It’s almost November! I’m so ready for Halloween to be over. We don’t celebrate it and it’s always so awkward when people ask Sadie what she’s dressing up as and we just blankly stare back and don’t know what to say 😂

Tell me some of your favorites!



  1. I’m glad your car was repaired and you got the baby seat fitted. You must all be getting so excited for his arrival!

    I don’t celebrate Halloween either. I think it’s much nicer to celebrate autumn in general.

    Hope you’re having a lovely start to the week 🙂

    1. It’s surreal seeing the seat in the back now… like it’s actually going to happen!! We are very excited!

      I am with ya on celebrating autumn in general vs Halloween!

      Hope your weekend is great!!

  2. We will have to go to that local coffee shop together soon!! I love trying new places- although I ALWAYS end up back at DD 🤷‍♀️
    So sweet to see 2 car seats in your vehicle now!! 💙❤️
    Also- sooo proud of the team-order from the store that is selling your granola!!
    Love 💗 madre

    1. Hahah you sound like me with Starbys! I would love to take you to LaBella Bean!! Maybe we can all go next time you’re over! It’s surreal to see two car seats in the back. Like, it’s really happening?!

      Thank you for the encouragement with my baking!! I love you! ❤

  3. Halloween is so overrated, haha. It’s actually become more of a thing in Italy in recent years (at least the 2.5 I’ve been here…) and I’m like, why? Lol! Plus, costumes are a waste of money imo.

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