Currently: December 2022

It’s the last month of 2022! It feels like this year has flown by. December is always such a fun, busy, and special month.

I’m excited for all of the festive activities we’ll do and time we will spend with family and friends. Here’s a look at what’s current in my life this month.

Mom holding baby in wrap while walking with daughter

Current books Not much for me aside from the Bible app on my phone, but Sadie and Mordecai both enjoy this high contrast book about cats! You know me, always forcing my love of cats onto my children. I am also enjoying filling out Mordecai’s baby book with notes and pictures.

Current food Whatever is easy to heat up in the microwave (<— even that is a luxury 😂) and eat with one hand! My sister treated us to my mini meatloaves and sweet potato fries. Thanks, Han!

Current drink Coffee, always and forever. A friend from church gave us La Prima Espresso coffee and it’s so smooth! I also ventured out to Starbucks for a blonde roast and loved the holiday cup. It’s the little things 😊

Starbucks holiday cup 2022

Current baked good I just baked oatmeal dark chocolate cookies with this lactation cookie mix. Also enjoying corn muffins and any random cookies I find in our freezer.

Current laugh Our drip coffee maker has been leaking water for the past year and I was *this close* to buying a new one for Jimmy for Christmas on Cyber Monday but wasn’t sure if he would like it. I checked our mail yesterday and the coffee maker was at the door. I was so confused because I didn’t actually order it?! Turns out Jimmy bought the exact one for me, lol. We are telepathic and obsessive about coffee in the Zottola home!

Current beauty product I picked up a pack of s’more lip balm and continued my Naked Bee obsession by ordering face wash and moisturizer.

Chap Stick S'mores collection

Current excitement Jimmy is taking a Friday off of work soon and we’re going to the aviary as a family! We’ve done this a couple of times in December and it has become a sweet family tradition! Here’s the post from 2018 and 2021. Jimmy and I also went in 2012 and 2013. I guess I kinda love the aviary!

Current craving More sleep! I think that will be my current craving for the next year or so 😉

Current joy Seeing Sadie and Mordecai together! I imagined how sweet it would be to see them with each other and it’s even better in real life. He is totally entranced by her when she talks to him and plays with her toys in front of him.

Newborn baby and sister in matching pajamas

Current pet product I treated Niva to a new bone and she immediately took it outside and buried it. I think that means she likes it 😂

Current win I finally made it back to the chiropractor since Mordecai’s birth. As I figured, my one hip was way out of whack. So glad to get that taken care of!

Current baby product I have so many. We used swaddlepods with Sadie, but Mordecai was too big for them from like day two of his life so we’ve been using these swaddles at night. This sound machine, these changing pad covers, and these reusable nursing pads are useful. Saline drops for stuffy nose season have come in handy and these visual stimulus cards are fun! And the real MVP of newborn life is this baby wrap carrier and this structured carrier.

Mom with newborn in baby wrap carrier standing by preschooler in pajamas

Current blessing Being a family with Jimmy, Sadie, and Mordecai. I love them so much!

Current need Nothing. I have been so blessed 💜

Current cuteness Jimmy and Mordecai hanging out on the couch.

Dad sitting on the couch with newborn baby looking at him

Current goal Just surviving over here! It’s a good day if we all bathe, eat three meals, and I get school done with Sadie. Laundry, cooking, and cleaning are bonuses 😉

Current joy This season! I’m looking forward to watching Sadie sing with the other preschool-age kids at church on Christmas Eve and of course celebrating Christmas with family.

Current fun Just everyday moments. Giving Mordecai his first bath, hearing him coo, and learning who he is. Having funny conversations with Sadie, doing school, and reading books. Snuggling with Jimmy after a long day, having uninterrupted adult conversations, and eating dinner together each night.

A look back:
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Tell me what’s current in your life!



  1. The matching jammies!! Oh, I love that picture! And I love that you and Jimmy nearly bought the exact same coffee maker for each other! Great minds! I hope it is just the thing you need to help you survive these early months with a newborn!

  2. I love all the pics you always have of your sweet little blessings (yes that includes Niva and Malcolm) hahah.
    Love you beautiful mama

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