Currently: December 2021

Welcome to December! What do you have going on this month? We have a busy month on deck with all sorts of gatherings and activities. Here’s what’s current in my life this month.

Current books I recently finished this baking memoir and now I’m onto a midwifery memoir, this dog health book, and this motherhood devotional-style book. Sadie is currently loving all of her Christmas-themed books! I’ll have to dedicate a post to all the ones we own, love, and read over and over again 😊🎄

Current food Venison again! This time from our preacher and his wife. We are spoiled 😊

Current baked good Good ‘ol chocolate chip cookies 🍪

Current drink Starbucks Holiday Blend. It has herbal and sweet maple notes 😍

Black cat coffee mug

Current joy Sharing the holiday season with Sader Tot ❤️

Current excitement Braid Bakery is going to be a vendor at a holiday market this weekend! If you’re local to Pittsburgh and want more details, let me know!

Current goal Getting everything ready for the aforementioned holiday market! Lots of baking is in my future for the next few days and I’m pumped.

Current mood Content 🙂

Current obsession Snuggling with Sadie. She is battling a case of the sniffles at the moment, so I’ve been giving (and enjoying) extra cuddles 💕

Toddler girl sitting on mom's lap and snuggling while sick

Current beauty product It’s the time of year when my lips get so dry from the cold and windy weather 😩 Thankfully this lip balm is a life saver! Also loving this deodorant. It smells amazing.

Current need An adjustment at the chiropractor. I’m overdue and my shoulders and neck are letting me know!

Current indulgence Grocery pickup. Sometimes I just don’t feel like going into a store and just doing grocery pickup feels like such a convenient luxury, especially when it’s so cold outside!

Current craving Family time. We’re doing a staycation sometime this month and I can’t wait!

A look back

What’s current in your life this month?



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