Currently: December 2019

Well, here we are in the last month of 2019. Whew! What a year. Here’s what’s currently going on in my life.

Mom with baby in carrier

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Currently looking forward to This holiday season with Sadie and Jimmy ❤

Current drink Coffee. My throat is still sore from being sick over Thanksgiving, so warm coffee in the morning is especially lovely. I also had apple cider recently and it hit the spot!

Current fun We’re still going strong with taking a walk as a family each night when Jimmy gets home from work and we love this routine! It’s a great way to unwind after the work day and catch up without distractions. It’s also adorable to see Mavis all bundled up in a sweater.

Cocker spaniel in sweater

Current excitement I think Jimmy is going to take a few days off work soon so we can have a staycation and I’m so pumped. We’re thinking of bringing Sadie to Pittsburgh’s science center because there’s a holiday train display we think she would enjoy seeing.

Current blessing Having work I enjoy, a flexible schedule, and contributing to my family’s business. Do I know everything about the real estate industry? Absolutely not. Do I relish learning about it every day? Yes!

Current excitement My sourdough starter is alive! I’ve become mildly obsessed with growing and babying it. I even gave it a name–Lyle. Jimmy thinks its funny when I’m like “Oh, it’s time to feed Lyle! He’s really growing fast!” I can’t wait to bake my first loaf of sourdough 🙂

Sourdough starter in a mason jar

Current books Working my way through Exodus and also reading the story of Jesus’ birth in Matthew and Luke. I just finished this cooking-esque memoir, am almost finished with this one about a pastry chef, and this one will be next. I guess I’m on a roll (<– haha, get it?) with the baking and cooking memoirs!

Current craving A day with my sister. She’s absolutely rocking her nursing career, but it keeps her busy. I’m hoping we can get together soon!

Currently baking Challah, challah, and more challah. Loving every second of it. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with different braid shapes, flavoring methods, and rising times. I just had an order for onion challah and got great feedback on it. I’ll have to post some recipes soon!

Loaves of challah bread with onion

Current indulgence Changing into my pjs as soon as it gets dark at night, which is like 5:00 pm. It’s just so cozy!

Current thought I feel like Mavis has been sad and lonely since Lola passed away. It’s the worst at night. Sometimes she just howl-cries and it sounds downright sorrowful. When Lola died, I told myself I wouldn’t get another dog because it’s too hard on everyone when they die. Plus, our little 900-square-foot house is filled to the brim with a dog, overly rambunctious cat, two adults, and a toddler (plus all her stuff… so much stuff), and yet I can’t stop thinking about getting another dog.

But what if the dog and Mavis don’t get along? What if it’s too much? I’m great at asking what-if questions. I know the only way to find out is to just go for it. Or should I not rock the boat with our family dynamics? Am I crazy? Yep.

Cocker spaniel

Current project Still slowly working on our kitchen. Like really, really slowly. But hey, slow and steady wins the race, right? I’m loving all the trips to Lowes (minus the spending money part, lol). Sadie is a big fan of the kids carts!

Lowes kids car cart

Tell me something current in your life!



  1. I completely missed that Lola passed away. I’m so sorry Allie!! Sending you prayers ❤

    Alex and I have been talking about starting an after work walk with Bailey but our schedules are all over the place (thanks traffic….) so we haven't been able to just yet. It would be nice to catch up on our days without distractions though.

    Currently I'm enjoying my job as well! It's so fun to learn new things even though I've already worked at this company before in college.

  2. Aww, Mavis all bundled up in plaid is too cute! I love that you named your sourdough starter Lyle LOL. I bet your first loaf is going to be awesome. 🙂 Again, I’m so sorry about Lola. Your ‘what-if’ questions are all super reasonable & not crazy at all!

    Hope you & your family are having a merry month, Allie!! ❤

    1. I think that was the last time I will be putting her in that vest because it was tight, LOL. I was cracking up trying to squeeze her into it! I think I need to get her a new one!

      I have no clue why I named my starter Lyle, but I’m digging’ it! It suits it… or should I say him?! lol.

      1. Lol awww, well at least she fit for this year 🙂 I would have been cracking up, too! & I really love that you named it Lyle. It does suit him!!

  3. The kids’ carts at Lowes are a hit over here too! 🙂

    I’m sorry that Mavis is having such a hard time! Bless her sweet heart. Maybe as Sadie gets even older, Mavis will start seeing her as more a companion? I know it has to be so hard to think through all the dynamics of whether or not to add another pet to your family.

    All that challah looks amazing!

    1. Yay! Those carts are so entertaining for little ones! Sadie thinks she’s so cool “driving” around Lowes!

      Thank you for the compliments on my challah!

      I think Mavis is beginning to slowly see Sadie as a companion! It may take a few more years, but she will get there! I know Sadie thinks Mavis is her bff, haha!

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