Kashi cereal

A Few Favorites

Once again, I have quite a few favorites to share! Because they’re all over the place, I decided to categorize them in lists. Because lists are always a good thing in my book.

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Favorites of 2011

Well, 2011 is coming to an end. Insane! I always love reading through magazines/newspapers that have “awards” for the best products or places. I thought it would be fun to do on my blog!

Without further ado, here are my totally random favorite things of 2011:

Favorite Mascara(s):

Physicians Formula Organic Black Mascara. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I love this mascara. I swim a few times a week and I don’t even look like a raccoon! You can get these for around $8.00-$9.00 @ Target.

Favorite (running) shoes:

Brooks Ghost 4. I have always had knee issues when running and ever since switching to Brooks my knees have been doing great! I bought my first pair in July and bought the same exact pair (in a different color) in November! I odered them offline and got free shipping. They were $100.00 and lasted me 4 months, so it’s like $25 a month 😉

Favorite Conditioner 

Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner. Yes, this was created for horses. My hair is really thick and wild. This works great for my hair and makes it smell good. I got my first bottle for around $3.00 at Ross and have been hooked since.

Favorite Waterbottle

Thermos Intak Waterbottle. I bought this water bottle in May 2011 and I have seriously taken it everywhere with me! It has numbers on the side so you can keep track of how many times you have drank 20 ounces. I got it at Target for $9.00.

Favorite Shirt 

 No Boundaries Scoop Neck Shirt. I have this shirt ^ and one in plain green and they are so comfy and stretchy. I got them at Walmart for $6.00 each.

Favorite Peanut Butters

Jif Natural Creamy Peanut Butter and Archer Farms Natural Peanut Butter With Flax Seeds. What can I say about peanut butter, I love it so much! Both of these are great, Jif’s pb is smooth and creamy. The Archer Farms pb is “drippy” in a good way with lots of flax seeds. I get both from target. Jif is usually $3.99 and the Archer Farms is between $4.00 and $5.00.

Favorite Cereal 

Kashi Honey Almond Flax Cereal. This cereal is so good with rice milk! It is crunchy and has big clusters. I get this at Target for $2.50-$3.00.

Favorite Place To Eat

Panera Bread. Right now I am addicted to Panera Bread. I love all of their food, especially the tuna sandwich, black bean soup, fuji apple chicken salad, garden vegetable soup with pesto, and so much more. The hazelnut coffee is perfect to have whilst doing homework (and using the free wi-fi!). I wouldn’t say it is an inexpensive place to eat, but it is worth it for me because of the high quality food and quick service.


I could do a million more things that have been my favorites this year but I have to study for my last final. Have a great day!

What are some of your favorite products/places?! 

[Other things I ❤ are my Under Armour back back (or anything Under Armour for that matter!), Bullhead Jeans, Runner’s World calendar, and Silk soy milk.]