A Few Favorites

The last time I wrote a favorites post was in October. I have thought of so many new favorites since then! Basically, this post is way overdue.

Family of four with pets laying on bed

Our whole family, pets included, was on our bed for this picture 😂

Here are a few favorite things, moments, foods, books, etc. that I’m enjoying!

Life Favorites

Young girl doing a car math activity to learn numbers

  • Some days, Sadie isn’t feeling her math lesson. That’s when we “gameschool” and play math games instead. She has no idea she’s practicing counting when it involves toy cars or Legos 😉
  • Mordecai and Sadie. I just love them so much. Sadie likes to play doctor and give Mordecai a checkup and he happily sits or lays and lets her play. He watches her and listens to everything she says. It’s really sweet to watch.
  • Sadie’s speech therapy has been going well! It’s rewarding to see her make progress.
  • The return to baking! I’ve done a few cupcake and cake orders and have a couple coming up in the next few weeks and it feels really great to get back into baking again.

Boho pastel flower cake

Recent Reads

  • Lucy by the Sea. This is a novel about a woman’s experience during the pandemic. It made me reflect a lot on 2020. The author has such a unique way of writing and a good sense of human emotion.
  • The Unexpected Mother. This book is intense! It’s the true story of a surrogate mother who was carrying triplets for a couple that decided they didn’t want the babies and got divorced. The surrogate felt caught between the law, science, and humanity.
  • Risen Motherhood. I love how this book combines modern motherhood with the gospel. It’s a must-read for Christian moms 💜
  • The Midwife’s Here. I recently started this memoir about Britain’s longest-serving midwife. It opened with a birth story about triplets and I’m already hooked!
  • Grace Upon Grace. Just picked up this journaling devotional and am already enjoying it.
  • Proverbs. There are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs, so I enjoy reading a chapter a day for a month. It’s a simple Bible study practice for me in this busy time of having two young children.

Food and Drink Favorites

Nuts 'N More Peanut Butter Maple Chocolate Pretzel flavor

  • I’m always trying out different peanut butters. Right now, I’m working through all of Nuts ‘N More’s flavors. I’ve tried the chocolate maple pretzel, wild honey, and toffee crunch flavors. They’re all excellent!
  • Soft pretzel bites + mustard = one of my favorite combinations. I tried out an Eastern Standard Provisions pretzel and mustard kit and it was divine. I especially loved the maui onion mustard.
  • Every few years I go through a tea phase. I think the last time I was ~into~ tea was when I was pregnant with Sadie and peppermint tea calmed my stomach. I picked up this and this tea recently and they’re both a tasty way to warm up during these cold winter months!

What have been some of your favorite things, moments, books, etc. lately?



  1. Ooh I just clicked on the tea links and saw one of them is by Celestial Seasonings. Their Sleepytime tea is really good!

    Recently I’ve been reading Cooked by Michael Pollan. It’s about the history and science of cooking, divided into four chapters, one for each element (Earth, Fire, Water and Air). The Air chapter is all about breadbaking, which I really enjoyed. I’m currently on the last chapter, “Water”, which is about fermented foods like sauerkraut. I’m learning a lot about how beneficial they are and it’s so interesting!

    1. I’ve never had their Sleeptytime tea! I will have to give that a try next! The book you’re reading sounds totally fascinating! I have never had sauerkraut but I love kimchi, so maybe I out to give it a try haha!

  2. I’m obsessed with the family photo. Malcolm almost blends in with the pillows if it weren’t for your pink pants. LOL. I am a sucker for peppermint tea, I drink it almost daily in the winter months. It’s one of the few teas I can drink that doesn’t aggravate my body. I love ginger tea, but something with the ginger seems to activate my immune system and not in a good way. HA.

    1. Ahh thank you!! Peppermint tea is so good! Do you have a favorite brand? Ginger can be so weird, right? I love it too. I had a stomach ache a year or two ago so I put ginger essential oil on my stomach and it was such a bad idea, LOL. It burned!!

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