A Few Favorites

It’s time for a favorites post! The last one I wrote was in January, so I have accumulated a lot of favorite memories, moments, food, products, and more since then.

Mom and daughter in car smiling

Reading Favorites

  • Currently reading 8 Great Smarts, which is about multiple intelligences. It’s geared towards parents understanding their children’s way of learning, but I can’t help but see how I and everyone in my life–adult or child–learns and is smart.
  • Also working through Loving God with All Your Mind and the accompanying study guide. I love that the author addresses everyday stresses and issues but also helps me realize that God is bigger than it all. The book gives lots of practical and usable advice, too.
  • Almost finished with His Needs, Her Needs. This has been a very enriching book for our marriage!

Life Favorites

Black back door

  • We got new doors! Goodbye tax return, hello new front and back doors haha. The kids and I spent two nights at my parent’s house while they were installed and had such a great time. It was nice to come home to a little house update, too!
  • At a recent mom’s group, Jimmy’s cousin said a really great quote and I had to share: “If you focus on what you’re missing out on, you will miss what you should be focusing on.”
  • I went to my niece’s birthday party on Saturday and she received a couple of Lego kits. Caroline and I sat down and put them together with Sadie and my brother’s oldest daughter and it was a nice bonding time for us girls.
  • Sitting on our porch swing is one of my favorite things to do in warm weather. I feed Mordecai, Sadie and I read, Jimmy and I talk. It’s such a cozy spot.
  • Sadie is starting to learn how to read! It’s so neat to see her put together the sounds of letters and realize they make words.

Food & Drink

  • I’ve been enjoying afternoon an iced coffee on the daily with these decaf cold brew pods.
  • This cocoa powder is next level. I put a big spoonful in pancake mix each morning and it makes for some delicious chocolate pancakes.
  • Nothing quenches my thirst like Propel. I’m kind of addicted.
  • I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies recently and they’ve been hitting the spot as a little something sweet to snack on before bed each night.
  • Peanut butter Chex and Alter Eco chocolate granola have been recent obsessions.

Baking Favorites

Red white and blue patriotic cupcakes

  • Cupcakes galore lately. I offered Memorial Day cupcakes through my baking business and got a few orders. They’re white almond cupcakes with almond buttercream and berries.
  • I also made cupcakes for my niece’s Frozen-themed birthday party. They were chocolate and vanilla with vanilla buttercream and edible snowflakes.
  • Baked an apple pie for Jimmy’s birthday. It’s his favorite!


  • I took Sadie to Joann Fabric (a craft store) and we were perusing the aisles and she said “Where is she?” I was like “Where’s who??” and Sadie replied “Joann. Where is she?” 😂 
  • I love playing Go Fish with Sadie. I can’t wait to start introducing her to more card games as she gets older.
  • Sadie was playing with her dolls in another room and Mordecai was crabby so I turned on a baby TV show for him. Sadie heard the TV and ran out to watch. Mordecai ended watching Sadie watch TV, LOL. Whatever works, I guess!
  • Three words: wood wick candles. They crackle when they burn. Love ’em.
  • Sadie let me braid her hair. I repeat: Sadie let me braid her hair!!

Young girl with braided hair and pink bow

What are some of your favorite things, books, moments, foods, etc. lately?



  1. New Doors look good, but the cupcakes look even better!
    And I know from personal experience they are very tasty!

    Love You!


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