Currently: November 2022

Hi and welcome to November! Exciting things on deck for me this month include welcoming our son into the world (!) and Thanksgiving. I am pumped.

I feel like we just celebrated our first married Thanksgiving, then our first Thanksgiving as a family, and now we’ll have our first Thanksgiving as a family of four in a couple of weeks, Lord Willing! Here’s what’s current in my life this month.

Fall foliage in Pittsburgh, PA near Carnegie Library

Current books I just finished up The Soulmate Equation and Sadie is loving this Lift the Flap Bible.

Current baked good Allllll the granola! I got a wholesale order for 44 bags, so I am trying to finish it up and ship it out before baby arrives. Along with that, I’ve been working on my usual Etsy orders: more granola, brownies, cookies, etc. and loving every second of it.

Bags of coconut almond granola from Braid Bakery laying on white table

Current blessing A friend from church made me lactation cookies! She has a tradition of doing this before each woman in the church has a baby and it’s so sweet. They’re delicious, too! She’s having her third baby in the summer, so I’m planning on returning the favor.

Current need Totally random, but I need to run to the store today to get molasses for the wholesale granola order I mentioned above. I use it in my gingerbread granola recipe! If I have any left over, I am totally making gingersnaps. They’re one of my all time favorite cookies!

Current obsession Soaking up these last days with Sadie as an only child!

Girl wearing Burt's Bees pajamas

Current food Loving cornbread and pulled pork lately. Nothing new there; I am always loving that combo!

Current laugh I was telling Jimmy about a deal I found on pork loin (so I could make the above mentioned pulled pork!) and Sadie said “Mom, why are you always thinking about pork?” 😂

Current cuteness Sadie painting a bird house. She adores anything crafty: washi tape, painting, coloring, hole punches, ribbons, stickers, etc. and it’s adorable to watch her get in the zone (even if it was 6:40 am when I took this picture 😴) and craft her little heart out!

Preschooler painting a wooden birdhouse

Current drink Grape Propel has been so refreshing. Also enjoying these Nespresso pods, these K-Cups, and regular ‘ol coffee.

Current goal Getting and keeping our house cleaned up and organized, as always!

Current prayer For a good finish to this pregnancy, a great birth, and a healthy baby!

Mom and daughter bathroom selfie

Current craving I want to make a quick trip to West Virginia with Sadie and Jimmy to visit Cabela’s this weekend. It’s a big hunting store with a fish tank, taxidermy animals, and all sorts of neat stuff. We don’t hunt or anything, but it’s a cool place to visit!

Currently looking forward to The holiday season! Turkey and family time on Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas, holiday-themed books, making gingerbread houses, our church’s Christmas Eve service, and all the special moments in between.

Current fun Sadie and Jimmy went roller skating with our church! We do this every Halloween as an alternative to trick-or-treating because we don’t celebrate the holiday. Since I couldn’t exactly roller skate, I spent time with my mom in a nearby town. It was a nice night!

Father and daughter selfie

Current question When do you decorate for Christmas? Are you a November 1st decorator, or more of an after Thanksgiving decorator?

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Tell me what’s current in your life!



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