Weekend Adventures

Hello and welcome to the first week of November! How was your weekend? Ours was busy and blessed. Here’s a rundown of what we were up to!


Grandma reading Usborne book to toddler

My mom came over! We indulged in my latest obsession of thrift shopping and also filmed a vlog. Sadie spent the night at my parents’ house.

Jimmy and I planned on driving golf balls at Top Golf, but it was booked so we went to Rural King (a farm supply store) to look at the chicks and rabbits 🙂

Baby gap Christmas dress

I was able to get Sadie this Christmas dress at the thrift store for $0.58. I can’t wait to see her wear it this holiday season!


Sadie spent the day with her cousin Caroline at my parents’ house and had such a fun time! 

Toddlers sitting in boxes reading books

While Sadie was hanging out with her cousin, Jimmy and I went on a quick day trip to West Virginia and visited one of our favorite places, Cabela’s. It’s an outdoor recreation store that has an aquarium and all sorts of animal displays.

We also went out to lunch and browsed around a bookstore. It was really great to catch up with Jimmy and have uninterrupted conversations! 


Jimmy and I agreed that we want to take Sadie to Cabela’s soon. We think she would really enjoy it. Last time she went she was only two months old!

In the evening, we met our church family at a local sports center for our church’s Halloween alternative.

Since we don’t celebrate Halloween, our church puts on an activity each year during the time trick-or-treating takes place and we all get together and have fun. 

Pushing stroller in rollerblades

Yes, that is my dad pushing Sadie and Caroline in a stroller while rollerblading, haha! Love it.

Family at roller rink

We had such a wonderful time with everyone and I was reminded of just how much I enjoy rollerblading! 


We went to church, caught up around the house (cooking, cleaning, gearing up for the week ahead, etc.), and went back to church in the evening. 

Toddlers eating lollipops

The kids were given lollipops during the evening church service and they were very happy about that 🙂

What was the best part of your weekend?



  1. Haha wow, I do not have the coordination (or stable enough ankles) to rollerblade, looks like you guys had fun!! And yay for cousin fun and date day ❤
    I’m still quite sick and isolating in my area of the house, so the best parts of my weekend all happened through Zoom: Torah study & services (which are still virtual-only anyhow, but I usually partake w/ my Godparents) and knitting lessons!!

    1. We did have a fun time! And trust me, there were lots of falls on rollerblades, LOL!!

      I’m so sorry to hear you’re still sick, Niques 😦 Thank goodness for technology and knitting, though!! Hope you’re starting to feel better when you see this comment 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, we discovered Cabela’s last year, and we love it!! (We found it by accident… I was running a 5k race, and I had to pick up the race bibs there). I was just with the kids and my mom though, so I had told Nate that he and I should plan a date there to explore. It’s SUCH a cool place and there’s a little bit for everyone. And yeahhh, how cool are their fish tanks??
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! 🙂

  3. I couldn’t tell you the last time I went roller blading! How fun! And that little dress for Sadie is adorable! Can’t wait to see her in it! ❤

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