Done, Being Okay with Messes, and A Sweater

I finished up the wholesale granola order I recently got and it feels so good to have that off my plate!

Bags of granola on kitchen table

The shop ordered the gingerbread, banana bread, coconut almond (<– a customer fave!), peanut butter, and cherry almond flavors for a total of 44 bags. I’m pretty sure I floated out of the post office on a cloud of happiness and relief once I dropped off the box 😂

Sadie and I did school this morning inside a fort we built. She thought that was the coolest and I felt bad that we hadn’t done it sooner!

Girl sitting inside a fort

I am trying to be better about being okay with messes and chaos. I don’t love when there are pillows on the floor, toys strewn everywhere, and things out of place. But I do love my child and our pets and I’m learning that kids and pets mean messes and that’s okay!

I always see signs and doormats that say “Excuse the mess, we live here” and I nod my head so hard. It’s true. The crumbs on the table mean my sweet girl was eating breakfast. The dog fur on the couch means Niva was snuggled up. Finding small toys in strange places usually means our cat was playfully batting at them.

Messes mean there’s life happening and that is always a good thing! I would rather have all the craziness and joy that comes with it than peace and quiet and clean. I know there will be a day when Sadie won’t want to make forts with me, so I’m trying to do that as much as possible now. I want her to remember mom playing with her, not mom always nagging her to stop dragging blankets through the crumbs on the floor 😂

Mom and daughter selfie in fort

Sorry for the random tangent there! I guess I had a lot on my mind. How has your week been? Mine has been busy with appointments and such. Sadie did speech therapy on Tuesday, I had a good prenatal checkup on Wednesday, and Sader Tot sees an ear, nose, and throat doctor on Friday to address her speech therapist’s concerns.

I am hoping to make a trip to West Virginia with Jimmy and Sadie this weekend! We’re in the in between phase of the end of pregnancy where we make tentative plans but don’t know what to expect. Baby could come today… or he could hang out for another two weeks. I’m just keeping on with life because it’s boring to sit around and wait when I could be baking, working, and going on adventures with my family!

When my mom and I were out on Halloween, we stopped in Gabe’s (not sure if this is a nationwide chain?!) and I found my dream Christmas sweater.

Black cat Christmas sweater

I was devastated they didn’t have it in my size. I think Jimmy was relieved, ha. Also, I am in shock that Christmas is next month! So excited 😊

Well, I am off to work on an Etsy order and hopefully get outside with Sadie (she’s currently napping!!) since it’s sunny and 70 degrees in Pittsburgh today.

Tell me about your week so far!

What’s the weather like where you live?



  1. That looks like an epic fort!! I have had to become more ok with messes too- with a puppy & a baby! Similar to the quote you shared, another variation I’ve heard is “excuse the mess, my kids are making memories” and I just love that outlook so much!

    1. Oh my goodness, I love that variation!! I’m so glad you can relate. It really is wild to go from no pets/kids to having both and the messes that come along, but the joy is 1000x worth it!!

  2. Wow! So cool, homework in the fort! Love the pics!

    And you’re right, fun and living is more important than the mess it causes!!

    Great job!

    Love You!

    1. Exactly!! It’s a cool store… they have a lot of brand name things (like from Target, Carhartt, Nike, etc. that I assume are from last season) at way discounted prices! I feel like you and I would love shopping and/or thrifting together haha. Maybe one day we can meet 🙂

  3. That dream Christmas sweater would fit for another couple of weeks until Baby comes! 😉 Too bad they didn’t have it in your normal size. That really would have been perfect for you!

    Congrats on getting that order done! That looks like such a monster job!

    So fun building forts!

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