Christmas Fun and Happy Chaos

We’ve been squeezing in some Christmas activities this month and I am loving every minute of it!

Girl on hayride with baby in carrier

On a tractor ride to look at Christmas lights in our neighborhood!

Our neighborhood had its annual Light Up Night and it was adorable. Imagine a small park filled with kids running around, hot cocoa, cookies, a tractor ride, bonfires, and of course a Christmas tree lighting up!

Sadie was beyond excited for Light Up Night and told everyone we encountered (workers at Lowe’s and Walmart, lol) that we were going. She was jumping up and down once we got there and I just wanted to savor every single moment of her joy. This age is so sweet.

Family picture with preschooler and newborn at Light Up Night in Pittsburgh

Sadie, Mordecai, and I spent a day at my mom and dad’s house recently so I could do some real estate work. I was so thankful for a change of scenery, adult conversation, and help with the kids–mom and dad: you are the very best.

We snuck in some fun that evening when we put together a gingerbread house! Sadie is quite the decorator. I truly think she has some sort of future in design. I mentioned it in her four year update, but her favorite thing is rearranging decor and making scenes/areas in our house with random things she finds.

It can sometimes drive me crazy (when I see a pillow, 75 stickers, and coffee pods carefully laid out on the living room floor), but I know she has a knack for it that she’s developing so I try to let it go 😉

Mom and daughter decorating gingerbread house with Christmas tree in background

Needless to say, Sader Tot channeled her decorating skills into our gingerbread house and it was a good outlet for her creativity!

As for the happy chaos in the title of this post… that would be taking family Christmas pictures with my parents and siblings’ families. My mom and dad mentioned wanting to send a Christmas card with their kids + grandkids on it this year so we all picked an evening before church to take pictures and I wish I had a Timelapse video of the pandemonium that ensued.

Mordecai wanted to nurse, one child ran away, another tripped and started crying, no one was looking at the camera, one part of the family was late, etc. haha. It will be a memory I cherish for a long time because it was real, happy chaos with the people I love.

Cousins sitting together for Christmas picture

All of the cousins together! It’s crazy to think how much our family has grown in four years.

Extended family Christmas pictureFamily Christmas picture

We did manage to take some nice pictures, which I will also cherish forever ❤️

Have you done anything festive this month?



  1. Family photos with that many littles is hard work! It’s so fun that you will have these to look back on and remember how things really were with so many littles in the family at the same time. ❤

    And so glad you are getting to enjoy Christmas activities and all of Sadie's joy! ❤

  2. I love that you guys did so many fun Christmas activities, and made it so fun for little Sadie girl. Mordecai will enjoy all of that very soon!!

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