Currently: April 2020

It’s crazy to think we’re in the fourth month of 2020 already! Here’s what’s currently going on in my life this month. 

Current cuteness My in-laws adopted a new puppy! His name is Buddy. He’s a goldendoodle and the sweetest little guy! I miss Mavis and Lola both so much, and meeting Buddy filled a dog-shaped little hole in my heart ❤

Goldendoodle puppy

Current laugh Jimmy painted one of our kitchen doors white last week and Malcolm brushed up against it. He suddenly looks very old with his new salt and pepper fur 😉

Current book(s) Still enjoying my guided prayer journal and since we can’t go to the library, I’ve been re-reading books I already own. I’ve been reading this book, which I last picked up in 2012. It feels so different reading it as a parent!

Current baked good Sourdough sandwich bread.

Sourdough sandwich bread

Current blessing God’s provision. Jimmy has been laid off of work, but God has opened a door for me to be able to bring in income through continuing to work for my family’s real estate brokerage and picking up extra work with Instacart whenever I can. These uncertain times can feel stressful, but the more I remember how God always provides, the more I learn to trust Him with my whole heart.

Current obsession Begging Jimmy to let us get a dog. It’s so lonely in the Zottola home without a pup!

Current food Opened-faced egg sandwiches with aforementioned sourdough sandwich bread. The eggs from my aunt and uncle’s chickens. Delicious! I like to top my bread with hummus, lettuce, and parmesan cheese (and of course eggs!).

Egg sandwich

Current prayer Healing for our world with the COVID-19 situation. This is tough, but God is bigger than this. 

Current beauty product Still loving this toothpaste!

Currently looking forward to The next time we can gather with our church family! We’ve been able to watch our services online, but man do I miss everyone! 

Church on TV

Current joy The kindness of others. Our neighbor who has some health issues mentioned that she didn’t have a mask for going out in stores, so I gave her one that we had. It was the last one in a pack that Jimmy used when he worked in our garage. I didn’t think anything of it because I figured she needed a mask more than I do.

Fast forward just a few hours later and I’m at our local grocery store checking out with an Instacart order and the woman bagging my groceries (who I talk to each time I’m at the store) said she was worried about me doing Instacart and not having a mask, so she sewed me one. Wow!! 

Current fun Taking family walks with Jimmy and Sadie. The weather in Pittsburgh has been beautiful lately!

Family walk

Current project Learning to make Paska, which is a Ukranian bread traditionally made for Easter. 

Current excitement The fact that it’s spring! I planted some seeds in a seed tray and some of them have sprouted! If all goes well, I’m on may way to having arugula, swiss chard, baby greens, and corn in our garden 🙂

What’s current in your life this month?



  1. I look forward to hearing how the paska bread goes! Your baking always looks amazing. 🙂

    Aww, Buddy is so cute! ❤ I know what you mean about feeling that you're missing something without a dog. Before I got Aimee, I didn't have a dog for a few years and there's a definite presence missing in the house without one. What type of dog would you like to get?

    I can only take Aimee out for a short walk each day due to the COVID-19 lockdown here. I'm a bit worried that she's getting bored, even though we're spending lots of time in the garden. So I'm thinking about buying her a puzzle bowl (something like this) to make her mealtimes more interesting! Did you ever try a puzzle bowl with your dogs?

  2. Okay. Shut the front door. Where are Lola and Mavis??? I am way behind. I’ll go try and catch up on posts to find out what happened!

    That is so sweet that the lady at the grocery store made you a mask. I have been doing a DIY one with a bandanna and hair ties when I go out – another option for you if you need a back up!

    Stay safe!

    1. Aw, sorry you’re behind! Lola passed away in October and Then Mavis bit Sadie’s face in February so we decided to re-home her to a woman in our neighborhood who doesn’t have kids and has a lot of experience with cocker spaniels. It was such a tough time for a few months here. I still get so sad thinking about everything, but I’m doing better and better.

      Thanks for the DIY mask idea!!

  3. Goldendoodles are so cute! The family I used to nanny for had a Goldendoodle and he was just the absolute sweetest. I’m so glad for your parents! I’m glad their pup helped fill that little spot in your heart just a bit. ❤

    I'm so glad that you have found ways to bring in income during these tough times. And what an absolutely precious lady to make a mask for you!! I love that you blessed someone else and then you in turn were blessed. It's so encouraging to hear stories like that. There are still so many good people in the world. ❤

    1. Goldendoodles really are adorable! They seem to be wonderful family dogs, too!It has been a huge blessing to bring in some income during these tough times and the mask… what a blessing! God is so good ❤

  4. Oh my gosh, that photo of you & Buddy is the sweetest! & your sourdough bread looks absolutely scrumptious! I hope Jimmy lets you get another pup soon. ♡ That was so kind of you to give your neighbor the mask & then for it to come back around with the grocery clerk sewing you one. Beautiful!!

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