Sadie at 18 Months

Well, our little Sadie girl is now a year-and-a-half! 

Toddler with ponytail

Growth Sadie weighs 22 pounds and is 31 inches tall! AKA tall enough to pull things off of some of our counters and side tables 😉

Wearing 12 and 18 month clothing, size four diapers, and size 5 and 6 shoes

Personality Happy-go-lucky, silly, determined, and a little shy. 

Toddler eating sourdough bread

Eating So much better than she was a few months ago! She was having a lot of trouble with spitting food out, then not really wanting to eat much else than breastmilk, but now she’s like a different child! She still nurses, but she eats solids well now, too! 

She enjoys smoothies, sourdough bread, fruit snacks, scrambled eggs with cheese, Gogo Squeez pouches, yogurt, yogurt melts, cereal, lunch meat, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, cheese, and peanut butter!

Nicknames Sader Tot, which turned into Tot, which turned into T and TT. 

Sleeping Sadie usually sleeps from 7:00/8:00 pm to 6:00/7:00 am unless she’s teething or has an ear infection. She’s down to one nap a day that’s about an hour and a half to two hours. 

Toddler with pigtails

Looks Like Mostly Jimmy, with a bit of me mixed in!

New Skills Sadie is rockin’ with sign language! She knows the sign for eat, more, please, all done, play, ball, bath, blanket, water, friend, drink, mom, dad, cat, dog, please, milk, sleep, mouse, horse, frog, book, cereal, hot, diaper, baby, and maybe a few more I’m forgetting lol.

The most amazing thing has been actually using the sign language to communicate. The other day she was walking around the house saying “baba” and I didn’t know if she meant a drink or baby since she pronounces them the same. So I was like, “Which do you want?” and did the sign for each and she signed drink back and I was able to give her what she wanted. So simple, but so cool! 

Likes Mom and dad’s full attention, dogs, Malcolm, baths, being chased, playing peekaboo, being outside, reading, baby dolls, Clifford (the TV show), going on walks, and picking out which clothes she wants to wear, her grandparents, play doh, and stickers. 

Toddler in overalls by bonfire

Dislikes Being in her carseat or booster seat too long, having her diaper changed, and not having mom and dad’s full attention. 

Favorite Products Reusable stickers, booster seat, poke-a-dot-book, Clifford board books, and OshKosh overalls (<– affiliate links!).

Notes Sadie is turning into her own little person and it’s such a joy to see the sweet little girl she is becoming ❤



  1. Sadie is doing so well! That’s awesome she knows sign language and can use that when you can’t figure out what she’s trying to say with words.

  2. She certainly is a happy go lucky cutie. I love spending time with her, and I’m still so amazed at how quickly babies change to their own little person! Her sign language skills are absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad you work so hard with her doing so many different things!!
    Love you!

    1. It’s totally crazy how much babies change! I am constantly thinking about how she really is the same baby we brought home from the birth center in 2018. It’s just wild! I love you! ❤

  3. She’s so precious! Sign language for the win. I love the story you told. It’s so amazing when they are so tiny and communicate in a way we can understand. Awesome! And that is so fantastic that her eating has improved. Yay!

  4. I’m so glad to hear that she’s eating so much better! What great news! And so great that sign language is working so well for her! It’s amazing to watch them learning to communicate. 🙂

  5. Aw yay! I’m so happy she is properly enjoying her solid foods now. ♡ She really is starting to look a lot like Jimmy but I def see a bit of you mixed in there. 🙂 Love that she knows how to do signs with her hands to let you know what she wants if she can’t say it. Thanks for the Sader Tot update, Allie! Watching her grow & learn is amazing!

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