Pictures from the Picnic

Our Independence Day shindig turned out to be quite the fun day! We had my parents, sister’s family and their dog, in-laws and their puppy, my cousin and her daughter, and a friend over for a cookout and it was a lovely day.

Jimmy and I prepped the house in the morning by cleaning, cooking, and getting the yard spruced up. Everyone came over in the afternoon and we grilled, chilled, and enjoyed watching the dogs and babies run around!

Just popping in to share some pictures so I can reflect on the fun, blessed day all over again 🙂

Picnic in yardToddler and girl sitting on porch step in red white and blue outfitsGirls leaning against fence in grassMom cupping daughter's head while laying in grass
Grandma holding toddler in red dress
Grandma on trampoline with babiesMom and baby in red white and blue outfits laying in grassDogwood tree with sun shining through branchesMom and toddler smiling in grass in black and white picture

Jimmy and I were wiped. out. on Sunday. We went to church, cleaned up the house and yard, and then went back to church in the evening.

We did manage to sneak in a few frisbee tosses after Sadie went to bed on Sunday night, which felt like the perfect way to end the weekend.

Tell me about your weekend!



  1. These pictures are absolutely precious and made me think of something you might see featured in a magazine. They’re SO wonderful! So much pure happiness. And the pictures capture it all – along with the bright colors and joy – all so perfectly. 🙂 What a fun memory to look back on!!

  2. It was a lot of fun, and thank your for hosting (even though we pretty much forced you). The food was amazing, and visiting with everyone and running around with the grand babies was a blast! I love the pics so much~ Thank you for always taking them so we have a way to remember our past through photos and your blog 🥰
    Love you ~

  3. I had such a nice weekend with you and everyone else! Thanks for all your hard work with getting things pulled together! Let’s do it again soon!

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