Currently: August 2022

August already?! Wasn’t it just the beginning of July? Is this summer flying by for anyone else? We’ve got an exciting month on deck: my sister will likely deliver her son later this month! I can’t wait to meet him 😊

Here’s what’s current in my life this month. Please hang out in the comments and let me know what’s up for you this month!

Family selfie with mom, dad, and daughter in matching shirts

Current books Really enjoying this devotional journal and Sadie is obsessed with this book that is made to be read with a flashlight. I think it’s pretty neat, too 😏

Current food I just discovered Chobani peanut butter packs and got the regular, chocolate, and cookie dough flavors and whew are they delicious! Also loving peanut butter Chex cereal. Are you sensing a theme here? I really love peanut butter 😬

Current fun Jimmy, Sadie, and I manned our church’s booth for a couple of hours at a community day event over the weekend and had such a nice time. We were able to connect with people in the community and Sader Tot scored a massive treat! We even got to see the process of how cotton candy is made and it was fascinating.

Child holding large pink cotton candy

Current drink A vanilla iced latte has been hitting the spot lately πŸ˜‹

Current baked good I recently had an order for my gluten free chocolate cookies and had a few left over after shipping. Definitely a favorite of mine πŸͺ

Current cuteness Sadie putting stuffed animals in her rain boots πŸ˜‚

Girl sitting in carseat with stuffed animals in rainboots

Current excitement Planning Sadie’s birthday party next month! We’re just having a small family party but her joy for this little event is through the roof. I can’t wait to celebrate her special day πŸ’™

Current craving A nap. Always.

Current need A laundry assistant πŸ˜‰Β Sometimes my Etsy shop keeps me so busy that I fall behind with folding and putting away our laundry. Just keeping it real over here, as always!

Clean laundry piled up near bed

Current joy Sadie girl! She’s just at such a fun age right now and incredibly sweet. I love her so much.

Current blessing My sister had an ultrasound to check on Titus today and all went well! She gets to keep him inside for another week to grow! She is still going to have to deliver him early, but every week he can keep growing is good news πŸ™Œ

Current laugh Sadie and I got free airbrush tattoos at the aforementioned community days and our choices were interesting to say the least. Sadie went with a phoenix rising from ashes (though she says it’s a dragon) on one arm and an angel on the other. I chose a black cat because… Malcolm πŸ–€

Airbrush tattoos of black cat and angel

Current goal Getting another pregnancy diary post up soon! I had a 4D ultrasound today and it was such a blessing to see our little guy hanging out.

Current win Jimmy and I went through baby boy’s future room and did some decluttering and donating! Just need to get his room all ready for him. Though, if he’s anything like Sadie, he probably won’t sleep in there until he’s close to a year old πŸ˜›

Current moodΒ Joyful!

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  1. Yay for August lol! It used to be my fave month hands down because it’s my birthday month and I used to love having birthday parties at water parks lol!

    But now it’s just WAY TOO HOT. I prefer September or October haha.

    1. Birthday parties at water parks sounds like so much fun!! I do love September and October, though. Such cozy months and the weather is usually a little less oppressive than August 😜

  2. Love your black cat airbrush tattoo. I have a tattoo of my cat on my wrist, which was to cover up an old, poorly done breast cancer ribbon I got when I was 18. The cat is bigger than I would have liked, but it makes me smile when I see it!

    How fun to manage the church booth, I love doing stuff like that. And free cotton candy? Yes please.

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