Currently: August 2021

Hi and Happy August! Here’s what’s current in my life this month!

Toddler girl sitting by pool

Current books Reading lots of Old Testament stories in the Bible and Sadie is enjoying this book because she loves to play doctor lately.

Current drink Sipping on a tall blonde roast with cream from Starbucks as I type ☕️

Current baked good Challah! This loaf was cheddar jalapeño 🌶

Cheddar jalapeno challah bread

Current beauty product Not sure if these are exactly a beauty product, but they’re the best. This has also been a lifesaver for my heels during the summer.

Current feeling Joyful. I’ve been having so. much. fun. baking lately!

Current cuteness Sadie and Niva hanging out together. If you’re wondering why Niva has two collars on, it’s because one is a GPS. Yep, we’ve officially reached the level of needing a GPS for our escape artist 😂

Toddler and husky together on couch

Current food We’ve been enjoying Hello Fresh deliveries lately! One recent meal was buffalo chicken with mashed potatoes and carrots and it was fantastic!

Current excitement We’re planning another husky party at our house in a couple of weeks!

Current indulgence Thrift shopping! The dresses Sadie is wearing in this post were $2 each. She especially loved spinning around in the one below. I kind of love that she is such a girly girl with clothes 🎀

Toddler girl wearing dress with polka dots

Current laugh Jimmy was riding Sadie’s power wheel car around our yard and popping wheelies. He asked me to film him doing one in slow motion and he flipped backwards as I filmed and now we have that gem of a video whenever we need a good laugh 😜

Current craving A day with Jimmy and Sadie with nothing on the agenda except time together as a family. Need to make that happen ASAP! My love language is definitely quality time 🥰

Current obsession Gardening! The garden is in full force and we are enjoying it. The tomatoes seem to be doing the best thus far, we’ve had some monster zucchini, a crop of green beans, and a few perfectly crisp cucumbers!

Girl holding garden produce from vegetable garden

Current fun I went to my first gender reveal party yesterday and it was such a lovely get together! I’ll post more on that soon!

What’s current in your life this month?



    1. Aww, thank you so much! That is a huge compliment coming from you because you have such awesome style!! I always have a blast going thrift shopping for Sadie and trying to find unique (and inexpensive, lol) clothes!

  1. I think my months have been kind of blending together lately because of being so busy with our real estate / property management business. Hopefully things will slow down a little and we can catch up on things 😩
    I always look forward to time spent with grandbabies and attending fitness classes at the Y. = sanity!
    Your garden has been doing AMAZING!
    Love you ♥️

  2. A GPS tracker on a collar is a great idea for Niva! I should have had one of those on Oreo back when he was trying to escape all the time.

    Also, great thrift store find! Cute dress. 🙂

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