Summer fun

Iron Infusion, New Books, and Weekend Fun

Had my fifth iron infusion of this pregnancy on Friday! I go back to the hematologist next month for a blood draw to check my hemoglobin, ferritin, etc. levels and determine next steps, buuuut I’m done with iron infusions for now!

Pregnant woman getting iron infusion for anemia (more…)


A Night at The Fair

Jimmy, Sadie, and I went on a family date to the Washington County Fair on Friday night! It was actually Jimmy and Sadie’s second trip to the fair in two days, but my first time since 2015.

I went to a church event on Thursday night, so Jimmy took Sader Tot on a father-daughter date. They had such a fun time that Jimmy pushed to go again on Friday night and I was on board!

Family of Pennsylvania Trolley Museum trolley ride to Washington County Fair (more…)