A (No Sleep) Sleepover

Sadie and I finally fulfilled my craving of a sleepover at my parents’ house this week! It had been quite some time since us girls spent the night and we had so much fun… minus the not sleeping part!

Sadie is definitely at the age where she knows when she’s away from home, her bed, and normal nighttime routine. She had a hard time falling asleep at night and then woke up really early, buuuut we survived 😜

Grandma holding toddler girl in driveway
My mom (most. tan. person. ever.) and Sader Tot!

We drove to my parents’ house on Tuesday morning and stayed until Wednesday evening. We managed to pack in a lot of activities and togetherness mixed with relaxing downtime. It was perfect ❤️

Here’s what we did:

  • Swam at the local YMCA
  • Went thrift shopping
  • Played at a playground
  • Attended story time at the local library
  • Baked chocolate chip cookies
  • Looked at the animals at the pet store
  • Shopped at Five Below (we told Sadie to pick out anything because all items are $5 or below and she chose a $.10 piece of candy 🤷‍♀️ 😂)
Mom catching toddler girl as she jumps in pool
Toddler sitting on edge of pool
Chocolate chip cookies closeup =
Kids playing with parachute
Toddler girl with chicken puppet

After the late bedtime, extra early wakeup, and all the fun, Sadie finally crashed on Wednesday afternoon and slept on my mom’s chest for a good two hours! So sweet ❤️

And with that, I probably owe my mom and dad an apology for a sleepless night, wild toddler, and messy house 😉 That catches us up to today… which is a catch up day for me!

I have some orders to prepare and ship out, we’re having some husky friends over tonight (if the weather cooperates!), and I’m doing some baking for a gender reveal party this weekend. I’ll be back soon with a currently post for August!



  1. I love this!!! It really looks like you all had a blast! That picture of Sadie looking up at the camera during story time at the Y is just absolutely gorgeous!!! Love you all and can’t wait to see you soon!

    1. We did have so much fun!! That picture of Sadie is definitely one of my favorites lately! Love you Han!! So glad you had fun while you were away but sooo glad you’re home!

  2. I also had so much fun~ and I don’t mind losing a little sleep to be with Sadie ♥️ She will get use to having sleepovers very soon!
    Thank you for spending time with dad and I, and for being an amazing mom to Sader Tot!!
    Love you

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